Physical and trance circle.

Attended the Northdown physical and trance circle on 25/5/11.  It was certainly a spectacular sitting.  Spirit were present from the start and about two minutes into proceedings the first voice phenomena took place.

The first spirit was a man in his older years and talked with a trace of a Scottish accent.  The message was brief but one of joy and pleasure at having seen the gathered circle.  There was mention, by him, of a number of messages which were going to come through in the session and certain special spiritual gifts.  The man also left the impression of his name as being John Burnett.  The second spirit to talk was one who was already known and also welcomed to the circle.  This message was longer and talked of the importance of knowing the reason why we had gathered.  The message talked about the idea of what humans are doing and how they associate their views and feelings to spirit.

During the second voice phenomena there was also cracks and taps which centred around the right hand corner of the medium who was in trance and through whom spirit was talking to circle.

The third message was from a spirit who wanted to approach the circle with words of some length and with the main meaning of time.  He was keen to link how important time was and how people should await the special connection which spirit was about to show to the circle.

For the first time it can be stated that last night’s circle had a level of consistent and inclusive energy.  The whole evening had a comfortable feel whereby both sitters and spirit appeared happy to join together.

The list of spiritual phenomena to take place was:

  • Orbs (Small, round circles of white were at first formed but as the session went on also apparent were blue – green light which were seen to move round the room and for the first time on an orb stopped and appeared to flash brilliantly with the one blue colour.)
  • Transfiguration (in the form of a white mist/ hazy cloudy residue which appeared in front of the face of one of sitters whilst spirit was talking.)
  • Air of what can only be stated as particle like energy which covered the room, also on the dark red curtain fragments were seen in the shape of dots.


  • The red light flickered and dimmed twice.
  • Wrapping and knocking affected the sitters; especially a loud shuddering rock which shook the wall and a sound as if a door being closed echoed through the room.

There was several reports from circle members of extreme temperatures from freezing icy colds to extreme heat.  Whilst one sitter was in trance there was a cold feeling experienced at the beginning of their lapse into meditation and then prior to speaking the sitter claimed to feel a tight feeling in their chest.

There were special messages, which for the first time, were addressed directly from spirit to individual sitters in the circle.  Also a green light highlighted the top of the curtain and created a glow in an otherwise dark room and the colour of green also highlighted a chosen picture of a Native American gentleman.

The circle took on a dramatic sense of excitement and it was then that the form of a lady was seen simultaneously by two clairvoyant mediums.  The circle was lifted and at certain points there was a sense of feeling which seemed to pass round to each member of the circle.  There was also a smell of smoke and a sweet aroma smelt.

To end the circle were given clairvoyant images and helped to draw the gathered members into a group trance.  Knocks and taps surrounded the sitters and messages with specific accuracy given to certain members of the circle.  What can only be described as a shadow of light covered over the sitters and lifted the mood and pace.  Messages came through members who were in trance and validated the images which were being seen by clairvoyant mediums.  Finally the cool feeling started to ebb away and the light returened as circle was drawn to a close.