Memorial to Titanic.

Bertram,Tivoli and the number four, a necklace, the name Kingsley and Southampton, Mr. Henry Forbes who devoted his life in the final stage to saving children and women; and Mr. Arthur Curtis.

This date 14th/15 April 2012; proved to be more innovative and highlighted by spirit than we knew…

It was last night that I was in my bed, and the most peculiar and cold feeling woke me; it was at the time when I was fast asleep that I jumped to come to face with a sense of panic.  It was also at this time that I was shown images of the water, darkness and particularly a face of a man.  It was not known at that instant but the shivers which had me shaking and the heart stopping anxious sense let me know that there was more to me waking up than I knew…

I could not stop shaking…also it was the picture in front of me that had me looking to make sense of things, first a man with distinctive features, then a lady in a diamond and lace gown, next a list of identifying names.  It was first, Kingsley, then Forbes, and the name showed by them.  The name Droughtsman.  Although it was hard at the time, having just woken, and the image being so fresh; the idea that this was all relating for something maritime started to build.  The picture beside showed of a ship, it was the lights which first became so stunning because even in the dark, it was these which twinkled and then turned to show something more sinister as the ship started to descend into the water.  There was so much sadness.

The man with the name of Arthur Curtis, it was to him that Kingsley seemed important, he looked and asked if it was in Southampton, and when it was indicated not it was only then that he looked to finding it.  Stoker, this name was also referenced from him.  After research it can be shown that a Mr. Arthur Curtis was on board the Titanic, and it was he who lived at 55. Kingsley in Southampton.  It was not only this but the fact that he was a Fireman/stoker on board Titanic.

There was an anxiousness.  It was so much effort to breath, the faces of so many crowded.  One man had a broken back.  Another two were fighting.  One little boy with cap rushed up and was looking for mother.  Once seen it was hard to process.  There was moments when the people seemed everything.  Then when the ship seemed to take everything up.  The lights shown as sparkling even with that part of the ship jutting out of the water.  It was dank.  So cold and I could not imagine sensing more even though I was witnessing it.  There was a confused state.  A period when only names came through and it was then that Forbes, a man with moustache, you could tell he was courageous.  Only after looking into records after the encounter; it can be linked that this man was one who was only board the Titanic due to a shift of his dates needing to sail from earlier to the 10th and being put on board the Titanic.  It was he who had to leave his wife suffering with flu and despite the fact that he had been focused on helping, gave his life to saving the women and children on board.

The event that evening did not stop there, it was a lady who came up next, one in a beautiful ball dress and she said Tivoli and it was a few minutes later I saw a necklace.  At first it was odd, but later after looking into it, Tivoli was a place not a name, it appeared that this Tivoli was the centre in Denmark where a Titanic memorial was.  It was here that intriguingly a necklace from on board the Titanic and which was put on show was stolen.

Sometimes you just have to help, to trust and it is about learning.  That evening it was upsetting, and I could see things that were difficult to encounter.  Mainly because some of the spirits had not passed.  It was only after the light was shown and spirit guide helped that the spirits of those people passed through to the other side, it was only then the images felt easier.  They only then felt more like memories.

The actual time that I woke and spirit showed blue lights, and physical taps could be heard was at 4.30am.  It only made sense after, as this was the time, much later than believed when the fireworks were first set off by Titanic and the disaster had just occured so people were left stranded in the warer.

It is on the 14th April 2012; that marks the help and little known fact that a Mr. Arthur Moore was one of the first people whom heard the call for help in his attic in Caerphilly, where he was avidly setting up and testing his radio.  This was the schedule of what took place that evening over so many years ago and on an eve which commemorates it, it was eerily reminiscent.

3.30am: Carpathia’s rockets are spotted by the survivors

4.10am: The first lifeboat is picked up by the Carpathia.

8.50am: The Carpathia leaves the area, bound forNew York. She has on board 705 survivors from the Titanic.

The encounters are many from the Titanic.  Those who gave up so much, those who helped and those who tried their best in such an awful situation.

It was at the Tivoli, which that night event showed, that so many personal memories were captured; it does look to be that this period is one of importance.  One girl also never slept on the night between April 14 and April 15. She would stay awake with the nightgown she had worn on April 14 1912 placed neatly in front of her on the coffee table. When she died in 1980 she was buried in this nightgown. At the exhibition visitors can hear Carla Jensen’s own story. In a rare Denmark’s Radio interview she tells of the night when her fiancée and their American dream went down with the Titanic.

It was not only this that made Tivoli special, but after research showed that Murdoch, a vital member on ship also wrote letters and they are stored there; it is in this blog from one of the circle’s that this person made so vital an appearance.

Betram was also mentioned that evening.  Here I have put some information regarding him;

Bertram Vere Dean (21 May 1910 – 14 April 1992) was a passenger aboard RMS Titanic during her maiden voyage.

Bertram Dean was the son of Bertram Frank Dean, and his wife, Georgette Eva Light. He had a younger sister, Millvina Dean. The Deans boarded Titanic as third class passengers at Southampton, intending to take passage to America, where they hoped to settle in Wichita, Kansas and open a tobacco shop. On the night of the sinking, the one-year old Bertram, with his sister and his mother, were placed in Lifeboat 10, and survived to be picked up by RMS Carpathia. His father was lost in the sinking, with his body never being recovered.

Last night was not only a reminder; it was an aid from spirit.  It was horrible to encounter some of the moments, but it also showed the important note of crossing over.

The last man to be seen was carrying an object and it seemed as if as shown, he too was one of the last on board.  He too walked over to the other side, only as the fragments of the past were shown and help from spirit given.