Kinetic energies at work.

This kinetic energy is one which is intriguing and can be visible; most choice situations in which it is often witnessed, albeit in this haphazard/or specific example of it can be seen in young, adolescent or older people but it is more often noted in those approaching puberty.  The psychokinesis or telekinesis is the ability to move or manipulate physical objects or items without the use of any bodily or external anatomical means.

When someone displaying this amount of kinetic energy walks into a room it can often cause a number of electrical things to blow or turn on or off.

Ghosts have long reputed to be the ones who bring about this irregular activity.  Whilst it is the often seen deliberate touching of objects by a ghost due to his/her lack of grasp that they have passed to spirit; it can also be the means of kinetic energy in a family that can bring on:

  • Equipment coming to life on its own
  • Objects flying or crashing to the ground
  • Electrical shortage
  • Unexplained wet spots
  • Mist or steam
  • Doors to open and close
  •  Unidentifiable smells or odours  

Greek translation of Kinetic energies comes in the form of the stem word telekinesis = it is distant interactivity which can be broken down to mean remote deference. 

Kinetic energy or energy of movement is not frightening.  Though there are many situations in which the physical and forceful cacophony of flying objects or electrical fluctuations can be seen as daunting or the action of evil spirits.  In truthful terms this display of energy is a paranormal state and one which has been analysed and scientifically categorised as valid in those who have measured raises in electrical and energy impulses.

This form of energy is capable of combining the molecules which are present in the air, taking the moist particles and in a chemical test format moulding with that hosted in other elements and providing an odour or physical blast.  This blast of energy can end in condensation, mist or audible energies and have been mistaken as signs of demonic hauntings.  These metallic or physical manipulations which seem to come out of spiritual intention are in the situation of kinetic energy nothing more than a chemical combination.  

The psychokinesis means roughly psycho – life force or soul, and kinesis as movement. 

These types of people can be known as walking force fields or human battery cells charged and connected to a fluid energy which can in turn influence objects around them.  To others and onlookers it may look that these type of physical scenes are the work of a conscious individual’s work or eerie forces.  It has been depicted by many as scary and been the factor for anger and terror.  These emotions can and do only add to the distress of an unknown sufferer of kinetic energy; as a means of this public reaction the symptoms can get worse and it can build into a serious situation. In true means the person who has kinetic energy only feels distress himself/herself by the physical objects which burst into life around them and are not in control of it. 

Arguments surrounding this phenomena surround the idea and concept that it can suddenly start and become apparent in its symptoms and as a cycle it becomes quite activated; this could be around childhood or adulthood but it will usually come in and be most prevalent when a person undergoes bodily upheaval around teenage, or times when the hormones are known to surge.

Birth can be the first known stage at which some are able to possess this ability.  It is only dubious due to the fact that objects which should usually be grounded can be manipulated or even flung into the air by this kinetic energy.

Having an understanding or particularly embracing other accounts whereby this trait has been evidenced can aid in easing the stress. 

The fear factor:  as you have heard of extreme moments when perseverance triumphs over adverse events just as a mother has been known to lift incredible amounts of seen and otherwise impossible items away from her child in times of danger or monumental need.  There have been mothers who have lifted trains in times of anxiety to save a loved one.  In this order of events, there is a relatable link to the energy and this natural sudden power. 

In kinetic energy there is also a defined response with those who have it to situations which cause upset or anger.  If the person feels cornered or under strain then the intense number of items or amount of energy can mount.  Ability of this proportion is unparalleled and can only be noted and quantified in rare times. 

Chinese philosophical accounts:  In historical and oral cultures spirit is believed in a natural state has a much higher frequency and vibration; as we all contain spirit sometimes this state can come into contact with our normal lower level of energy which results in much as a thunderstorm, a clash of two different conditions and a brought on collision of these two evolves into impact.  This impact much as a storm contains the swirling opposing vibration and the confrontation of two forceful elements will bring about this accumulation mass of energy.

Kinetic energetic display is not a disease, it is not debilitating.  No harm is felt in the actual person who shows signs of having this state, it does not need medication or to be treated by special fields; and yet it is also one of the most highly mistaken forms ofParapsychological behaviour and has in history been mistaken for demonic possession, psychological disorder or poltergeist activities. 

It would be wrong to say those who have and show kinetic energy do not have any mysticisms surrounding them because they show through the phenomenal actions that they can perform that they are very gifted in the order that they can put their emotions in practice.  They are able to define their real and internal sense in a measurable and astounding way.