Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 3rd February 2015.

The most recent séance investigated was one which included information of claimed spirit, names and a lot of visual activity.

In this séance investigated were: reports of visual blue orbs, odd flashes of lights across the whole séance room, unexplained voices, temp fluctuations and apparition sightings.

The séance began in darkness and the only one light in the investigation room did not waver until members started to claim, about ten minutes into the séance the coolness which had not been apparent until then, the light then did start to flicker twice, the cool almost icy temp was 1) very quick to take hold, 2) the cool was claimed by all the members at the same time which suggested that it was not anything in one part of the room which caused the temp fluctuation and 3) the coolness was accompanied by an almost wet sense on the members bodies and there was a damp smell.

One of the first spirit to come through, we were told, was a gentleman.  The medium was speaking about what she could see, a male spirit, a lot of laughter and a man who in life loved to act, control the cameras on him and to ease his sense of humour into the nation.  As the medium was talking, it was intriguing that the smell was stronger, the icy chill sensed by the members and then the medium said James, Sid James, he was dressed she reported in a Henry VIII costume.  While some of the members of the séance noted that they knew he had been in a Carry On film starring in such a role, it was what the medium said next which intrigued me.  The medium reported the spirit, Sid James, as talking about who he was, his life and how acting had chased the gloomiest parts of the day away, his tears were of laughter and he also asked if she liked his Henry get up and that it was Elizabeth which should be taken note of, Elizabeth is here.  Those words about Elizabeth did not mean anything to the sitters but on researching the name Sid James (born Solomon Joel Cohen; 8 May 1913 – 26 April 1976) was a South African-born English actor and also a comedian, who as the members of the séance had stated had worked on a film in the role of one King Henry VIII.  Interestingly the claimed spirit Sid James loved the idea of the investigatory séance stating there was a set he worked on which was told of to be haunted but he hadn’t seen much of anything, only one little shock which he could not explain, after laughing a little he had gone on to refer to his film life and his natural home.  The actor in life did have a varied and long time in front of the camera appearing in British films from 1947.  There were two odd knocks heard as the spirit was being referenced.

Thomas Morley was the name which was stated in the séance, but this was after odd sounds were heard by the members in the séance.  A voice could be heard as if a man was talking from within the room.  The members were all aware of the voice and with everyone trying to detect where it was coming out of, the voice continued to speak quietly as if muted, and then on the light flickering once again it did seem to quieten out until no one could hear it.  Thomas Morley (1557 or 1558 – October 1602) was mentioned, the name did not link with anything any of the members knew, along with the name was an interesting word again of Elizabeth, the medium said she was not sure if it was a name Elizabeth or the period Elizabethan.  It was noticed that this had already been referenced by the first male spirit to have spoken to the séance.  Thomas, in spirit, was noted as the temperature started to get extremely cold, the icy sense had never left the room but it did seem to get even cooler.  Members of the séance were intrigued as along with the cool, there were several sitters who noted sighting a face looking at them.  Thomas Morley was an English composer, he was a theorist, singer and organist of the Renaissance and he is someone who helped to shape musical formation.  He was one of the foremost members in that of the English Madrigal School.  In the séance the spirit talked of publishing, and in life it was that he was part of music publishing, and from 1598 up to his death he held a printing patent (a type of monopoly). He used the monopoly in partnership with professional music printers such as one referred to as Thomas East.

Interestingly he was living in London at the same time as Shakespeare, in the séance the spirit of Thomas talked about Paul and in life he became organist at St Paul’s Cathedral. He was the most famous composer of secular music in Elizabethan England. He and Robert Johnson are the composers of the only surviving contemporary settings of verse by William Shakespeare and it is noted that the word of Elizabethan was linked to him.

Elizabeth, as in the name was then noted by the séance as the medium spoke of one more spirit and this was a female.  Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery (April 15, 1933 – May 18, 1995) was an American film, television actress whose career spanned five decades.  Blue orbs were noted in and around the time that this spirit was referred to, one of the blue orbs was noted by several of the sitters to land on the medium’s face.  Apart from the name, not a lot of information was referred to about the spirit, the medium said she did not say a lot apart from to refer to a birthday.  A loved one’s birthday was important to her.  While the birthday was of a personal nature, it could not be researched but the blue orbs were investigated as was a strong flash of light in the room noted as the actresses name was said by the medium.  As the séance closed so too left the icy sense which had been in the room.

I would like to bring up the link here to Sid James and Elizabeth Montgomery, as the two were actors in life and have interestingly a reverse in sets of birth dates and passing, James was May to April and Montgomery April to May, this was something to note.

Faces.  The little faces which were noted by the sitters were interesting.  Two faces were claimed by members as appearing in front of them.  Both had a link in that they were small but formed into that of a full face, they lasted one to two seconds.  It could not be told if they were male or females.

The séance was full of information, activity which occurred as spirit were being referenced, odd and unexplained light and sounds.  While the room was completely and objectively investigated prior and after the séance, members were questioned and versions of what was seen cross referenced, no explanation could be found for the physical activity in the séance.  It was interesting to me that the activity was noted by more than one sitter in the investigation.


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Pictures are of Sid James and Elizabeth Montgomery.  Pics are taken from online encyclopaedia.