Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on 23 September 2014.

Halloween come early…

Peter Cushing.jpg    Vincent Price in Laura trailer-crop.jpg  

The séance last sat turned to be a nod to the reputation and importance of the event of Halloween.  As members sat and activity began it became all too apparent that the theme of Halloween was one which had spirit significance.  It was with the lighting turning on and off in an action which should not have been possible without one of the sitters physically turning the light on or off, this unexplained activity seemed to be the setting for what was to be what members termed the Halloween séance as there were so many links to actors who had been associated with the fear inducing role of Dracula.

Violet Helen Beck was the first link or rather the name of Helen kept coming up.  One of the mediums mentioned a male spirit in the sitting and it was the word Helen he stated over and over.  He was tall and it should be noted that a long line of light appeared on the wall as the male was mentioned.  The light was something that all the sitters could objectively note and with there being no reason for the light to physically be there, it was interesting to the investigation.  It was a man who had acted the medium said and had a link to fear but in life was one who tried to be a friend and good husband, he was far from the person he acted out on screen.  He was smiling in spirit at the medium and again had a link to Helen.  He was nearest to Helen he said and he was seen at that point by the medium to have walked past a laid out figure of someone asleep.  It is believed the male spirit was Peter Wilton Cushing, OBE 26 May 1913 to 11 August 1994 who was an English actor known for his many appearances in Hammer Films, in which he played the sinister roles of scientist Baron Frankenstein.  Peter Cushing also played Sherlock Holmes and the vampire hunter Dr. Van Helsing, among many other roles.  It is believed the spirit was that of the referenced Peter Cushing because of the link to Helen who is suggested is Violet Helen Beck his loved wife throughout his life.

In the séance the medium linked the spirit to a man who was named Frank and to another actor who he initialled only as V P.  The Frank after a little research is believed to be Sir Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, CBE, CStJ, who was born 27 May 1922 and was in life a friend of Peter Cushing and it is felt that is the Frank who he noted.

Paintings were seen and noted by many of the sitters who claimed they could visually depict paintings of people on the walls.  Members spotted outlines of pictures which should not have been there or were placed there by any of the people associated with the circle investigation.

In an acting sense Peter appeared frequently opposite Christopher Lee, and occasionally Vincent Price who is believed to be the other man the spirit referenced as V P.

Vincent Leonard Price, Jr. May 27, 1911 to October 25, 1993 was an American actor, he was the man who was referenced and was felt was the spirit to then be noted in the séance.  Members all heard a male voice from a part of the séance where no one was sat and it was as this was noted that laughter noises were depicted and again this was from a part of the séance where no person was sat or could have been a link to for what occurred.  It was as members put it scary but interesting as a link for the physical investigation where spirit are invited to participate in physical action for the observation of members.  Vincent Price well known for his distinctive voice as well as his serio-comic performances in a series of horror films which were made in the latter part of his career.

As research was carried out into Vincent Price it was a point of interest on twenty third of this month and the same date as that of when the séance sat that in 2014 Juried Student Art Exhibition | Vincent Price Art Museum. vincentpriceartmuseum.org. Small Gallery September 23 to December 6, 2014 of Vincent Price Art Museum – Monterey was held in the actor’s name and this was another possible link as to the paintings which were seen by many of the sitters in that investigation.

In researching the name of Helen in that of Violet Helen Beck it was noted that Peter Cushing was born in 1913, and the world famous actor preferred to see his birth year as 1942 as it was the year he met Violet Helen Beck.

In the séance Peter Cushing was noted as first stating the one name of Helen and it was this name which aided in finding out information about who the person was as an actor and a friend to those who were around him.

Peter and Helen married in 1943, and the former actress became the one who Cushing turned to in life: encouraging him, and supporting him throughout the early years of his career.

As Cushing later said, “I owe it all to Helen.  She was an actress and gave up her career for me.  She made me what I am. She gave me a confidence, I could never have found on my own.”

Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó 20 October 1882 to 16 August 1956, better known as Bela Lugosi, was a Hungarian-American actor and he was the last spirit seen in the séance but it was with a lot of activity that he was noted.

One of the mediums started to note something in the las few minutes of the séance.  It was another male spirit she stated and someone who wore a long flowing overcoat.  One of the members at the second asked if that flowing item could be a Cape and it then became a focus of all sitters as at that point the creaking of walking could be heard in and around the seats.  A green light flashed brightly for a few seconds and Bela was noted as it was stated by one of the mediums.

The spirit one of the mediums stated had a paper in his hand and he had something he was smiling about.  He said Hope.  The medium stated that he was happy to have a part in the séance and that he was at home with the members and the séance.

In September 1930, it was that Béla Lugosi and Universal Picture Company, Inc. had entered into an agreement for the production of the film Dracula in which Lugosi played the title role under a signed contract.  This could be the link to the paper the spirit had in his hand.  Hope Linninger Lugosi, his widow, and Bela George Lugosi, his son, filed a complaint against Universal on February 3, 1966, alleging that they were the heirs of Béla Lugosi and that Universal had, commencing in 1960, appropriated and continued to appropriate property which they had inherited from Lugosi and which was not part of the agreement with Universal.   It was the Lugosis asserted that from 1960 until the present time, Universal entered into many licensing agreements which authorized the licensees to use the Count Dracula character.

“[Lugosi heirs] seek to recover the profits made by [Universal Studios] in its licensing of the use of the Count Dracula character to commercial firms and to enjoin [Universal Studios] from making any additional grants, without [their] consent …. The action, therefore, raises the question of whether Béla Lugosi had granted to [Universal] in his contracts with [Universal] merchandising rights in his movie portrayal of Count Dracula, the nature of such rights, and whether any such rights, if retained by Béla Lugosi, descended to the [Lugosi heirs

The California Celebrities Rights Act of 1986 created an inheritable right to a person’s name or likeness for 70 years after death and it was a part of the resulting of what was in the Lugosi suit. Legislation passed in 2007 extended that right retroactively to all persons who have died since January 1, 1938 and it was a large step to establishing a person’s right to their name.

Dracula does seem to be a point which links all three spirit in the séance.  Vincent Price and Peter Cushing both had links to the part of Dracula and to the release of such a film in the month of September which is when the séance sat and Bela Lugosi had a Court link to both the film and the name.  It is interesting that this should be something which all the noted spirit had in common and it was a séance which had points which felt like something out and out more likened to Halloween than an investigation séance.  It then can be something to suggest in that spirit seem to have a sense of the comedian and awareness of what their lives represented and how they could seem as a three all in one place at one time and even though it was not Halloween it was apt that the effect should be felt by the members for those three intrigue filled individuals.

Information has been taken from online source along with a quote from Peter Cushing himself.

Pics are of Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and Bela Lugosi.

Pics are from online sources.