Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on 2 September 2014.

A séance is an opportune few hours for an investigated study into what and if any activity takes place as claimed as having occurred from spirit and if there are any explanations for what has occurred.

This report must begin with a link to that of Joseph Carey Merrick 5 August 1862 to 11 April 1890, also sometimes incorrectly referred to as John Merrick.  He was an English man with severe deformities who was exhibited as a human display and was named the Elephant Man.  In the séance recently sat there was mention of this man and while he was not written up in that of the last séance report, it should be noted that not only did one of the mediums in that séance refer to him but that there were notable and intriguing activity seen around the time that he was linked in.

As the medium referred to a younger male she did link to someone who would have had a gentle personality and sense of ease about him.  As she linked to him the lights went from on to off a few times.  Members began to note this and then a figure was noted in the corner of the séance but this was for a moment.

In this last séance there were many figures of people who appeared to the mediums and with activity which all could note.

Marilyn Monroe was linked to and it was not because of a birth date or passing.  In the séance she had been noted by the mediums as with a photograph and this was something she would like linked to her.

This photo she referred to was not easy to find but there was an image which was taken of her in September, 1953 – photographer Milton Greene captured Marilyn Monroe lounging in the country based image which not known at that moment was something that was going to be a main link to the spirit who came to the séance in the next few moments.  Someone in spirit who appeared to resist the loss of the same country images.  The evidenced link was of interest as spirit stated something that was not easily found out about them and linked to another spirit who was to come to the séance.

This Day in Resistance History: Sitting Bull’s Railway Speech.

On September 8, 1883, it was the Sioux leader Sitting Bull who made a speech to government officials.  He talked about the railroad barons, and the U.S. military and it was in honour of the completion of the Northern Pacific Railway.

Sitting Bull who was linked to in the séance and it was because of this that the information written here was investigated.

It was through a defence of his people and native land that this leader was held in esteem.  This one occasion, after a long and bloody attempt to defend his people from who were termed White invaders, Sitting Bull seized the chance to express his view of what was occurring.  It was this referral which took place in September which is believed is the reason for why Sitting Bull was noted as in the séance.  It was an opportune moment for his opinion of those he had opposed for so long to be vocalised and this is believed to be why his spirit came into the séance and linked to what was an important day for him.

Spirit refer to passing dates or birth dates as a means of establish as to who they were.  It is based on what information is given that searches can be launched into who a person was and if anything important happened in or around the time that their spirit is claimed to have been noted.

On noting a spirit checks are made into if any activity occurs when a spirit is referred to or is there any reason in the life of that person which may suggest why they came through on the day or month.

In that of this last séance the spirit who talked through mediums or had information given had no links to birth dates or passing days but their appearance was important as it linked to anniversaries in terms of something they physically did or believed was important in a life.

Sitting Bull was an interesting spirit not only in that of course his life was one which can be validated or looked into in terms of historical factual info but in the séance several actions occurred around the time that the spirit was noted.  This is a link which was important as when the spirit was active in speaking to the séance through one of the mediums not only did the room temperature vary to the point that members claimed feeling cool, there was cracks and popping noises which came around the medium’s seat as though someone far larger was seated on her seat.  The spirit’s words were notable as all members found that it was with an ability to have understood what had been said and that is not always possible when spirit speech comes through a medium.  As the medium talked in her own vocal tone again many members reported noting that there was a male speaking at the same time as her only from a part of the room where no one sat.  The male speech was picked up by many members and one word kept appearing in both the speech of two mediums in the séance and that was of language.  After looking into the spirit it was found that in the month of which the séance was sat and only a few days away from the date was when Sitting Bull gave a speech on his feelings about what had been life for his people and importantly it was his resistance to speak in American but in his own language which meant that he could say exactly how he felt without his audience realising and there in he could speak out on what his heart felt opinion was and not that of the prepared speech someone other than himself had written.

In finding about the spirit in the séance the historical link to the lands of northern Montana and Idaho had included an environment with summer heat, winter temperatures ranging from 10 to 40 degrees below zero, relentless winds without any tree breaks to slow them down, and a lack of water.   In the séance members reported sensing the temperature fluctuation with some members stating that they were cool but everyone there felt like they had to drink and as if they had been somewhere which had left them dry.

Even with a relatively small invasion of people on to their land, the balance of this life the spirit had claimed was upset and not what it was. Sitting Bull had summed up the problem, a set of differences that went far beyond the culture:

Sitting Bull talked in the séance through one of the mediums.  He linked to a speech and it was he said with these feelings he gave his opinion of life and the land in which it was lived.  His people were his friends and his links and he brought them with him in every element of spirit.  It was once again then members felt a cool breeze about them and as this was said in a male vocal tone that the spirit stated we live in spirit in the way we believed was how our lives should be.  Do not give up your opinions in life for the pretences of favoured advancement and let it be that the future rides with you and not as an enemy in your wake.

The following is a quote from the spirit and it is of interest as it was something that the spirit linked to in the séance.

White men like to dig in the ground for their food. My people prefer to hunt the buffalo…White men like to stay in one place. My people want to move their tepees here and there to different hunting grounds. The life of white men is slavery. They are prisoners in their towns or farms. The life my people want is freedom.

Picture is of Sitting Bull and taken from http://griid.org/2011/09/08/this-day-in-resistance-history-sitting-bull%E2%80%99s-railway-speech/