Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 20th May 2014.

In a physical circle it is not a possibility for any sitter to state what might be experienced.  At each point of investigation there are links to what might occur and awareness of the reasoned explanation for something is as notable as the action.

Sitting in a physical séance is always intriguing.  No two investigations are similar as individuality comes in the evidence produced, experience of the members and activity which differs with the form of items and member’s presence.

I have particular focus on the activity which is seen in a circle.  It is the visible accounts from sitters which can make interesting links in evidence and if sitters all notice an action at or during a few minutes this can be the basis for more verifiable findings.

In this recent investigation there has been a number of main incidents which have intrigued both myself and the sitters.  The light in the room has been a focus as it has not only flicked on and off several times as spirit were being recorded along with information on who they were but also lights were noted in small flashes.

The small flashes were referred to by two of the sitters and later were seen by the whole séance.  Small vivid lights which looked as if they moved through the circle across sitters.

The sitters with the lights noted around them all had links in their responses to spirit individuals who had been able to give information to them during the séance.

It is one possibility the lights were an indication toward the spirit individuals of which the mediums spoke.  This was something brought up by one of the sitters as three occasions had the lights flashing momentarily by an individual who has received information.

As the spirit relatives of members were talking through mediums a lot of foot step noises were noted.  When this was mentioned as activity everyone focused on it and it could be confirmed noises as though someone was coming in and around seats could be depicted.

At one point members began feeling cool and this went on with many needing layers in aiding against the cool breeze as there was no reason for such a breeze experiences were noted.

The sitting was noting evidence as at that point one member picked up on something.

Members in the séance all noted picking up on a low electric noise.  After the first sitter mentioned it everyone stopped and with a few minutes having past many reported this low level activity.

The members had seemed relatively focused in one area and I looked on as the mediums were stating they felt someone at the door of the séance and with in a few minutes this same door opened.  This was and should have not happened as the door was closed and as always in séance it is not a door anyone has access to or should be able to do what it did.

Members did not close or alter anything which happened as it was decided that everyone should wait and check if more activity would follow.

Not long after more activity did occur and it was around the same point as from the seats around the circle every individual noted a white outline of a figure who moved in and out of the sitting in what must have been one minute.

The one minute it should be noted when referenced by each sitter was experienced as little longer or less but each reference was focused on the sighted figure.  The outline moved in to the outer part of the circle but it did not come close to anyone.  It had been so notable to observe and while the out lines of a person were referred to the exactness of gend ers or appearances could not be met.  Séance physical objective were notable in what had based for investigation evidence.  Sentiment links from spirit to sitter moved all who sat.