Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 14th September 2021.

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Every physical seance is different but there are important preparations which remain the same. A room is designated for the investigation into a physical seance and this is because it can be separate and closed off during the set and scheduled process. Seating is all positioned so as each member can see one another and fully observe all objects that are placed on a centrally situated table.

Experienced members and medium gathered together and sat in fully visible positions to each other and all the objects in the room. It was then that the seance began.

ORBS noted in the investigation were small, round and blue unexplained lights, seen momentarily. The lights were seen when individuals in spirit appeared to be giving a message to recipients and the Orbs were unexplained by any other environment or person based cause from inside or outside of the seance room at that time.

There was a distinct time when MESSAGES were given by individuals in spirit to sitters via the medium. These detailed minutes of speech were inclusive of personality information, details about individual preferences and memories. Importantly, these conversational styled messages could be validated by the recipient sitters as accurate and relevant for them.

The medium spoke about someone thought to be an Edgar Rice Burroughs (September 1, 1875 – March 19, 1950) an American speculative fiction writer, well known for his prolific output in the adventure, science fiction and fantasy genres. His most known creations include Tarzan of the Apes, John Carter of Mars (Barsoom series) and a Carson Napier of Venus (Amtor series). In the seance, the gentleman talked about the importance of ideas and plans. Without pinning down where one wanted to go or what one wanted to achieve, it could become greatly difficult. An anniversary was specified for him.

SUMMARY of the experiences and events led to discussion about what had occurred. Members felt that a lot had been achieved during the seance. It had been useful to note not only what had been significant personally for sitters but the reasons behind why it had resonated as meaningful.