Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 15th December 2020.

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A physical seance is focused on the overt types of unexplained activity that might be noted. These forms of activity can include noises, sightings or visual actions such as Orbs, claims of touch or experiences that have been physically based.

Experienced members and medium gathered in a closed seance room, which had only been prepared by way of a centrally laid table with carefully collectively chosen and agreed on objects and fully visible seating for everybody.

Messages were noted to pass between individuals in spirit to the seance via the medium. These MESSAGES included personally identifiable evidence of family relationships, appearances, memories, personality traits and references to occurrences that only the members themselves would or could acknowledge as accurate for their own lives.

VALIDATIONS were given accordingly as for what had been received as message content. This process was managed and observed as a simple flow of information to sitters and agreement, when appropriate, made evident by the recipients of the messages.

ORBS were seen several times during the seance. Blue, round lights, sometimes reported as stronger and occasionally fainter, on each occasion the unexplained lights were sighted as appearing near to members and then only a second later disappearing again. On one occasion there was a sighting of a line of the Orbs, in that of three together, being seen all at once.

An UNEXPLAINED NOISE was heard in that of a distinct tapping noise on the side of one of the sitter’s seats. Everybody and more importantly all movement, was visible during the duration of the physical seance, and at the time of the noise nobody had noted any other activity but the noise itself. The sound was collectively heard and was notable as being in evidence directly after the visual claims of Orbs. Spirit speech also heard at that time had indicated an effort being made as for physical evidence which could then be noted by the investigation.

The medium spoke of a female in spirit, someone who from the verbal links given in the seance is believed to be a Jane Austen (16 December 1775 – 18 July 1817) an English novelist known mainly for her six major novels. These books provide a critique, comment and fascinating interpretation of the British landed gentry towards the end of the 18th century. Austen’s plots are often recognised to portray marriage, women’s position within society and the pursuit of a favourable social standing and economic security. In the seance, the young lady was keen to talk about the image of a husband and the social pressures which she felt had attributed to different standards of life for many people in societies throughout history. She spoke fondly of a large family, though she did stress that complex relations could often disturb the faculty of the mind and body. The lady thanked everybody for participating and communicating with her and she formally bid the members goodbye.

SUMMARY of the physical seance included an anniversary for the latterly spoken of female in spirit and this was brought to the attention of members due to research done about them after the seance. This then led to members’ impressions of what they had received in terms of evidence. This was primarily focused on the validations that had been made as acknowledgements for the relevance of the information. The UNEXPLAINED experiences of visual and audible evidence were further discussed, investigated and due to when they occurred, collectively felt to have contributed towards a very insightful seance.

Can I take this opportunity to wish you all a lovely, meaningful Christmas and happy, healthy New Year.

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