Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 11th February 2020.

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Experienced members and medium joined at a set time and in a closed room. Prior to the commencement of the séance and the sitting, the room was prepared with seating that allowed for everybody to be able to have a full view of each other and the table laid objects.

A PHYSICAL SEANCE usually is focused on the more overt types of activity that can be visually seen, audible heard of noted in terms of an identifiable experience. After the medium opened the séance, members concentrated and listened to information that came through from and about spirit individuals via the medium.

Several specific SCENTS were noted by the séance. It was as the séance was in progress that particular and stronger scents were at first experienced and subsequently depicted by members as acknowledged from them because of a personal reason. There were several instances whereby the same spirit who had only moments before been visually identified by the medium and spoken to the séance, then a scent recognisable to sitters about them personally was validated as having been experienced. These scents occurred twice, each came into the room distinctly but within only a few minutes, could not be detected again.

MESSAGES started to flow into the séance.

The medium referred to a particular trio in comedy, a lady actress with blonde hair and widely recognised features was alluded to and this was in part because she wanted emphasised a Joseph Levitch (March 16, 1926 – August 20, 2017), better known by his stage name Jerry Lewis, an American comedian, singer, an actor, filmmaker and humanitarian. An anniversary for this gentleman was alluded to and notable references were made for and about him.

SUMMARY of the physical séance allowed for a greater investigation into how the earlier experienced scents were deemed relevant by the collective. There had been no visible, physical way of which those scents should have been made possible from either inside or outside of the séance room. The relevance could be explained, detailed responses could both clarify and define what the scents of perfume and baking were and why they had a significance in the timing of them. Interestingly, it was as these scents were spoken about and explained further by the according sitters, that at that precise time the smells disappeared.