Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 10th December 2019.

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A PHYSICAL SEANCE might well conjure up different notions and ideas about what is entailed. In fact, a physical séance is as is described in the name, a séance that primarily is interested in overtly physical and observable unexplained phenomena.

How It Began?

In a closed and prepared room, which had been laid out with a centrally filled table and seating which meant that everybody could be in full view of each other, experienced sitters and medium collated.

The members were able to join as the séance was opened and the medium went into a closed eyes trance. MESSAGES started to come through from individuals in spirit to the séance. The INFORMATION was not vague but involved anniversary and significant dates, interests and personally claimed as relevant key phrases. If acknowledged by a sitter, then the spirit conversed in a dialogue with the person via the medium.

NOISES could be heard from several of the objects on top of the central table. The objects which had been in full view and under observation of the séance, should not have made any sounds unless interacted with or touched.

There were distinct depictions of ORBS and the sightings of these came in precisely next to and adjacent the sitter who then was spoken to and given a message directly from a spirit via the medium.

The MEDIUM started to talk about a spirit that she could see who associated to being a writer, poetry was specified and details became apparent through referenced information about someone thought to be a Mary Ann Evans (22 November 1819 – 22 December 1880; alternatively Mary Anne or Marian, widely known perhaps by her pen name George Eliot, an English novelist, a poet, translator, journalist and one of the leading writers of the Victorian era. In the séance the female spoke of being able to accept and acknowledge the comments of kin. It was not always easy, she exclaimed to appreciate how one can grow as an individual and not often until one can look truthfully into the looking glass that one might alter the firm focus which they once had a purchase of, everything is necessary to implement a proper flourishing of the individual self. When asked further about this by one of the members of the séance, the lady in spirit elaborated by saying that it was useful to gain a full perspective before being able to embrace change.


If in receipt of a message during the actual physical séance then VALIDATIONS were required before this could be inferred as definite evidence. The members not only did acknowledge the received information and subsequent messages as relevant but gave explanations as for why this was felt to be the case for them. In several of these instances, personal conversations with the spirits uncovered a lot of humour and further detailed validations from the recipients. Neither the noises nor the Orbs which had been observed, though noted, could be explained as for occurrence from anything which had been physically seen inside or outside of the séance. Collectively the séance was stated by the members and medium as to have had an extremely happy and satisfying feel to it.