Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 25th June 2019.

Hi and Welcome to the latest rundown of events, incidents and investigation into a most recent physical séance! This blog is here to define and explain what happened during a physical séance sitting.

A physical medium and experienced members all joined in a prepared and fully checked room prior to the séance beginning. The room itself had been arranged to have seats that faced each other and all objects had been in full view of the sitters when seated. There was a central oblong table with pre-selected objects lined up on it and these had been specifically chosen based on how easily they would attract attention upon interaction.

A physical medium is someone who it is thought produces an energy that is supportive of physical activity. The physical medium was the one who led in terms of trance-given information via spirits and who opened and closed the séance.

At one point in the proceedings a blue light was seen. This light which can also be referred to as an Orb, was noted for a few seconds before the outline of a gentleman’s face was seen. This face had recognisable features and a denoted expression, validated by several of the sitters, as a relation who had passed to spirit.

Personally relevant information was expressed in the séance. First appearance and references as of personalities were given and then if validated by a sitter or sitters, more detailed messages followed. It was as several spirits were mentioned during the one time that notable noises were heard. A footstep sound or associated noise of someone making to move from an area where nobody should have been, was collectively heard by the séance.

The medium spoke of a gentleman in spirit, someone thought to be a Sir Henry Cooper OBE KSG (3 May 1934 – 1 May 2011) a British heavyweight boxer. It is thought that this gentleman was the same as in spirit because of the referenced information. A boxing glove and a message of thanks was given by him. The name Cooper was significant for him and he believed that legacy should involve that of putting the youthful minds and bodies to good, physical use. Training and keeping people on route to success was only half the job, a good mindset needed to be achieved if anything worthy was to be attained.

There was next mentioned a particular person who was a male inspiration, films and Metro Goldwyn Mayer were also given as links, consequently information was given as for someone thought to be a Harriet Elisabeth Beecher Stowe (June 14, 1811 – July 1, 1896) an American abolitionist and author. She came from the Beecher family, a famous religious family, and is most notably known for her novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852), which depicts the harsh conditions for enslaved African Americans. Best philosophical notions are learnt through education, the lady explained, whereby the heart and the mind must be addressed in unison. Convictions and resolutions were both key phrases for her and she spoke about a liking for poetry.

It was a highly conversed on and notable séance due to the integration of physical activity which was deemed unexplained as by anything possible as having caused it from inside or outside of the room, neither the face that was seen nor the sounds, should have been heard. Objectively investigated, these incidents were believed to be related to that of spirit speeches that had been ongoing at those precise times. Many of the members had received personally relevant messages from particular spirits, noted audible or visual physical activity.