Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.  When we sit to investigate and further our comprehension of those energies who have passed it is never with any expectation or forethought but more an open mind and heart to what is shown and it is with a level of trust along with faith that people can come through.

Home circle held on the 21st of January 2014.

Sitting through a physical circle always has a sense of not knowing about it and a little part of oneself is left to solely base what they can conclude from the experiences of the investigation.

This home circle was somehow different to any sat in the past, because in this sitting, not only did we gather some evidence which caused debate and intrigue but there was also a vast amount in spiritual activity which had not been experienced before.

Spirit and the investigation into proving their presence is something which should be at its main objective an experiment into gathering evidence without personal or previous opinion from any of the mediums.  We include these events for you to read and consider.

With a low light and only the table with a few objects around it, the circle began and soon not only the temperature dropped but one of the mediums looked as if a strong gust of cold was circling around them so much so as the curtain behind them started to lift up.  The reason for this activity is not known as there was no source from which this could have come.  The door had firmly been closed and no windows were open.

The room itself can be seen by all the mediums.  It is a small area with enough room for the sitters and the objects which are placed at the beginning of proceedings.  With the cold having already been sensed and the taps sounding on the walls starting to get louder it was agreed by the team of those who sat that there should be a commencing of trance.

When trance began about half of the mediums went into the semi aware state speaking about the images they could detect and the remainder sat to notice anything that may occur in the sitting.

At first only the cracks could be heard and these were noted on two of the walls but as time went on these became faster and louder so as some of the mediums looked to one another to check if these was being heard by them also and when they all agreed that the sounds seemed to be fastest another voice was picked up and this time it was so particular that everyone in the sitting became focused on it even those in trance who came up from their meditations because of the voice which appeared to start first at one point in the circle and then move around.  It was unlike anything picked out in a circle or detected by anyone.

The voice can only be said seemed like a whispery tone but if asked and end of the circle no one could state if it had been male or female because it was a combination of both.

The sound came first quieter then louder as it went around but at that second when it first was picked up everyone was able to spot it and track it as it progressed round.

An interesting focal topic which was talked about after the circle was how one of the objects cracked just prior to the voice and again once it had stopped.

We do not know if this could be linked to what happed.  It might be that the object was used as a means by spirit from which to speak from as spirit have been known to use a trumpet for or if the spirit took a liking to it and tapped it to raise attention prior and after having made their attempt to converse with the members.  In shape the chosen object is small and solid with nothing in it which could have replicated what was heard.

After the speech like sound from spirit there was a number of small blue lights which not only several of the members spoke of sighting but also the lights actually moved in and around some of the mediums.

It is a point for further understanding and intrigue to find out if these lights do move with reasoned motive for location and if they have a reason for showing up near to members or over objects.

Certainly spotting the blue shapes was intriguing and the members spent a while each pointing where they could focus on a number collating and even all noticing some at the same time.

It is believed the bluish shaded out circles are apparent when spirit are present and there has been a lot of photographs which have included them around people or at the side of a place where someone who has passed loved to be.

Having the reports of both the visible and audible means of contacts from spirit it was then coming toward the final stage of the circle and with the closing of the spiritual gathering it was then that members looked down and were taken aback by what they saw.  There were a vast collection of long streak like strip decorations at people’s feet.  The type of decoration one might put up to decorate one’s house was thrown all around and what was odd was it had fallen over the member’s feet.  Picking them out the sitters then sat for some time to talk on what had been a most active filled evening.