Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held 9th May 2017.

A séance can be of interest to both members who attend and by the notes made because of the objectivity that can be maintained.  In a checked room, members can be seated and are able to note anything that they are aware of so as exploration of any unexplained activity can occur.

At the beginning of the séance many messages came through from varying spirits of adults to children with fond reference filled information for members.  There was a message that caused much hilarity in the séance as it included a significant reference to a funny incident that had taken place only that morning for a member.  Having told everyone about why the private and humorous incident was something that matched with that of the message, there was a sense of reassurance at how apt it was for them individually.

Orbs became really important when messages were given as did the unexplained taps and knocks heard on the laid out table and the inner areas of the room.  There were several distinct noises that had seemingly meaningful responses about them.  After specific messages footsteps were also heard and this was from another part of the room where although sound was heard no one was seen there to have made them.

John Richard Whiteley, OBE, DL (28 December 1943 – 26 June 2005) an English broadcaster and a journalist, well known for his twenty-three years as host of the show Countdown which was the launch programme for Channel 4 at 4:45 pm on 2 November 1982 is thought to be the spoken of and seen male spirit at that time.  Historically Whiteley is notable as the first person to be seen on the channel (not counting a programme montage).  It is claimed that despite his intelligence, Whiteley enjoyed projecting the image of absent-minded eccentricity.  He appeared to have much appreciation from audiences because of his love of puns and a colourful wardrobe.  In the séance the gentleman was really happy and eager to be known.  He was spoken of as smiling and enthusiastic about having his image mentioned, while his appearance was talked of in speech he gave a thanks for the appreciation that was felt about him and his life.

It was a séance that was filled with a sense of positive emotion.  There were many references to that of occasions that had given people a worthy sense in life and this seemed to bring many significant meaningful messages through from spirits to their loved ones.

There were many unexplained times of noted activity where noises were heard and odd sightings were seen but despite having investigated and knowledge of the inside and outside of the room, no explanations for the activity could be found.