Home circle.

Here is a summary of our home circle.

Home circle held on 3rd November 2015.

Unexplained activity noted, this is an account of what happened in a physical investigation into claimed spirit presence.

Members sat in silence in the darkened room.  Objects and sitters checked, the séance room had been prepared for the investigation.  There was a few specific unexplained events which occurred in the first half of the séance.  Orbs were noted, blue lights that were seen by members to float across the room and to momentarily stay beside chosen sitters.  At that moment there was a Happy Birthday connection that the medium spoke of, she stated the name of a Helen Duncan.  This person was researched and is believed to be Victoria Helen McCrae Duncan, this was a lady who was known to be a physical medium (25 November 1897 – 6 December 1956) and someone who when researched had links with many séance sittings.  Helen Duncan was a Scottish medium and as her name was said the medium spoke of her connection to spirit, there were knocks, cracks and loud raps which could be heard throughout the séance at that moment.

It was of interest to the members that the audible activity could be noted.  Members asked if spirit were there and once again Orbs could be seen in the room.  This evidence was useful as it seemed to clearly link activity to a spirit response.  Any unexplained activity noted in a physical séance has to be fully investigated before it can be classed as spirit phenomena.  In the séance there was talk about the Orbs that had been seen, the room was checked and no reason found for how the lights could appear as they had done in different periods of the séance.  The noises were also investigated.  The sound of knocks and raps were heard from objects in the room, it was then easier for us to be able to watch over those objects as the sounds were heard and verify that no one was there to have caused the noises that were heard.  The link to the name of the spirit and the appearance of the Orbs was something that was considered to be evidence of interest as it was either a coincidental activity or something that had been performed as in a response to the name link.  Identities of spirit when mentioned do seem to be important as regularly it is when a spirit or spirits names and information are revealed that activity does look to occur.

Richard Burton, CBE (10 November 1925 – 5 August 1984) was a Welsh stage actor and cinema performer noted for his mellifluous baritone voice and his acting talent.  The medium in the séance talked of the male spirit as a strong, independent individual who had connections with the month we had sat in.  Establishing himself as a formidable Shakespearean actor, at this point there was an interesting piece of information from the medium as she spoke of another link.  There was another male who came in on a friendship connection for Richard Burton CBE.  A male who linked with him because of Shakespeare, the séance watched as the medium referred to an actor who loved the same plays, a friend who came in spirit to be known as a colleague of Richard Burton CBE and this was a male spirit Clark Gable February 1 1901 to November 16 1960 who was an American film actor.

The séance was icy cold as the medium talked about the two male spirits.  Friends who shared a connection with acting and particular the love of Shakespeare.  The two male spirits were spoken of by the medium at length, a birthday anniversary was to be mentioned for both the first female spirit and that of Richard Burton CBE, the Happy Birthday link which had been referred to by the medium at the start of the physical séance seemed to connect with this information and the research which showed both individuals to have birth date anniversaries in the month.  The interesting connection for me from research has to be that all three individuals noted in spirit in that of the séance all had a passing age of 59.  They all shared the important link to November, two for an anniversary of birth date and one for a passing to spirit anniversary.

The physical séance had been an evening event filled with many links to three individuals.  The first female spirit and the male spirit who was talked of later in the séance came in with unexplained activity of which everyone who had sat became aware.  It was a séance which could ask about what had been noted, attempt to explain activity and assess how the events of the evening could have happened.