Level Two. Responsibility.

Level Two. Responsibility.

By Michelle Lloyd.

RV’s mum had explained to him that they had known for a little while, but that they had been trying to prepare him before they told him about it. What had the preparations been about?

A little addition to the family. At first RV had been thrown by the idea, he had not been against babies, but he had mistakenly thought that a pet was going to be what his parents had been concealing from him and not a baby brother or sister.

RV had difficulty with accepting new ideas. That particular event in their lives had entailed a very new idea. It had taken time to adjust, a few months of getting used to it and then a further while to accept that responsibility was quite heavily involved.

Back to the pet theme RV went, as for him the most similar experience had been when Lana, New One’s dog had arrived to live with them.┬áNew One had not been convinced that he could ever have a dog but there had been a lot of familiar responsibility chats in his family. The question of a pet was at the heart of it all.

A dog. It definitely had involved responsibility. RV loved Lana but he knew that they did involve a lot of work. That word of RESPONSIBILITY loomed up before RV’s eyes yet again but in so many ways New One was the better for it. As a responsibly dog owner, both New One and his family had become a lot fitter. They took Lana out on lovely, long walks and even RV had gone with them, on occasion. Exercising together, looking out for each other and feeling responsible for their family, Lana had shown that she too took responsibility to heart. As a dog, it was evident how much she loved New One and how much she wanted to take care of him every time she turned up with the parents to collect him from school.

Even though it was not exactly the same, the Lana situation had taught RV a lot about what responsibility initiated. Being a brother to his own addition to the family gave him a lot to be happy about. He felt needed and although it did mean considerable effort and work, baby brother Dillon showed that responsibility brought about results in so many beautiful ways.