Level Two. Lana’s Arrival.

Level Two – Lana’s Arrival.

By Michelle Lloyd.


New One had been getting used to the newest member of his family, a loving friend

the furry, wide eyed, excited Lana dog was a faithful companion to who they all did tend.

Lana loved New One, you could see it in all that she did,

when New One walked in Lana would of all other thoughts instantly be rid.

All Lana could think about when New One she did see,

was THERE he is, that is New One and is he going to PLAY with me?

Life had been full of happiness for the faithful two,

a loving bond had formed unlike anything else that anyone knew.

If New One would leave the house then Lana would want to go too,

she would follow him everywhere, even when he tried to go to the loo!

Lana and New One were an inseparable pair,

all their most inner wishes and loves with each other they did share.

When New One would go to school Lana would wait for him patiently by the door,

the first one for him to see, it was easy to see that they did one another adore.

To train the newest member of the family had been difficult you could say,

New One’s Dad had attempted many tricks to show Lana how to guard the house by day.

Lana was a lovely dog of that one could be sure,

but a guard dog she was not and often she could be found fast asleep on the floor.

When New One was there Lana would be up and about,

the two would be happy, having fun, you could hear New One laugh and shout.

New One’s Mum had not been as easy to Lana to take,

she was a little angry when a favourite photo frame of Gran’s Lana did break.

New One’s Mum put up with the puppy not to break her little boy’s heart,

but in reality Lana’s arrival had meant that the house had started to fall apart.

One puppy, who knew what she could do?

Lana had gotten through three carpets, Dad’s work suit and Mum’s designer shoe.

Chew, chew went Lana on everything and all,

she was teething and showed it to all objects apart from her own loved toy ball.

The routine of each day was set,

New One, his Mum and his Dad were all each afternoon with a bit of Lana mayhem met.

Tables would be chewed, on their sofa she would have drooled,

New One would try to excuse the acts of her day but his parents would not be fooled.

Doggy treats were strewn all over the place,

New One hated to say it but Lana’s behaviour was a bit of a disgrace.

New One’s Mum and Dad had agreed that while Lana was young she needed to be taught,

so Lana was reluctantly on her new lead caught.

New One had been worried when he had seen his Dad at an odd time take her out,

he had gone after them ready in tears about his fears to shout.

New One could not lose Lana and as he watched her go,

his sadness in his many tears started to show.

New One’s Mum found him in tears at the door and started to explain,

from the moment of Lana’s arrival nothing had been the same.

New One did not want to listen and all he could see,

was his loved Lana’s face as she looked at him last in a quiet plea.

She had not wanted to go and there had been nothing that he could do,

he felt his heart break as he knew it meant the end of the friendship for the two.

New One’s Mum pulled him close to her chest,

she told him not to worry and that they knew what was best.

The minutes felt like an hour without Lana by his side,

New One could hardly look at his Mum and could not in anyone his hurt confide.

When the sound of the door came up the hall,

New One thought he had misheard the sound of his loved Lana and squeak of her toy ball.

With his own eyes wide,

it was hard for him his happiness to hide.

New One’s Dad walked in with a tired look on his face,

as he explained that Lana’s first day at doggy training school had been a Big disgrace.

New One hugged his Dad tightly and said he had thought they had tried of Lana to be rid,

his parents explained they had put Lana’s name down for puppy school in a training bid.

New One’s parents looked tired but happy that New One had Lana by his side,

There was relief on both faces of New One and Lana, the happiness they could not hide.

Lana the unexpected newest member of the house, she looked lovingly at them all,

they were her family, she gave them all a happy look and a squeak of her favourite ball.