Level Three. Reindeers and Replays.

Level Three. Reindeers and Replays.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Do you know how to tell when a reindeer is stressed? Well, the telling signs of anxiousness in a certain reindeer came with many public warning signs. One of these clear and visible signals was in the tight curling up and dipping of his tail between his two incredibly long legs. The eyes would narrow to little line slits and the sweat would start to trickle down his furry face, all in all this reindeer had an issue with stress!

When the feelings got hold of him, he felt pent up with anxiety and ready to wind himself up even further with any potential triggers. As you can imagine, a stressed out reindeer was no help to anybody and least of all himself. Try as he might, the reindeer had attempted all sorts of relaxation techniques and nothing had worked. Mr Christmas had even enrolled him in mindful meditation classes but that had failed in almighty style, when this particular highly stressed out reindeer accidently knocked into the rolled up additional matts, they subsequently toppled over and hit the teacher on the back tossing her with a start on to the laps of the front row of meditating participants. Needless to say that class was not an absolute success.

Inevitably this reindeer had become known for stressing about anything and everything. All the stressing was not good for his health. He knew it. His family knew it. Do not let stress get the better of you, he would tell himself, only to then get wound up by trivial little life niggles. Getting to the feed last and losing out in a game or two with his other fellow reindeers did not make the situation any easier. Stressing was a habit and it had brought him nothing but shame.

There was a distinction between themselves as reindeer, specially chosen for a seasonal task and the examples of how similar animals lived in the wild. None of them seemed prone to stress like this reindeer. A TV was something which they had only been lately been introduced to, but it had been an instant hit with practically all of the reindeers young and older alike, it was some of the comedy replays that really got their attention. All would gather to watch the occasional show and the youngest reindeer in the herd, convinced this rather stressed out reindeer to go and observe a programme with him.

All too soon the two young reindeers were absorbed by the channels that showed cartoons in repeat or those that offered a glimpse in the life of someone else. There were many features from the replays on TV that taught the reindeer skills and showed him that he was not alone in his predicament. The plight of stress had been the cause for many to discuss their issues and without too many others about, the usually stressed reindeer felt far more able to listen to the various coping strategies and do things at his own pace.

The awesome part of watching the TV on and off on a few separate occasions meant that not only did the stressed out reindeer feel soothed but he could put those sentiments into good practice. No longer did he cause a fuss if he did not get to the front of the queue, or stress if he could not achieve something first time because this reindeer took a few of the tips that he had seen on TV further.

Before he knew it, this well known stressed out reindeer was received compliments for his lack of an outburst from other reindeers and as the chatter about his improved state of calm got around, an idea came to him.

Reindeer Trainee school turned into a kind of googlebox herd who excitedly watched as one young reindeer took to the front of the class. Before they knew it, one previously stressed reindeer embarked on showing the others some of the many techniques for relaxation that he had learnt.

There were fun moments and instances of awe as reindeers scaled new heights in visualisation wonders and talked it out, in talk it out therapy sessions. Wellbeing took prime position for the reindeers and emotional education became an important part of their learning structure.

This time it was going to be different for the not so stressed reindeer, as he realised that learning in his own way, could not only help himself but give inspiration to lots of his family of reindeers too.