Level One. Fox.

Level One. Fox.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Foxes could be concealed creatures and they often hid their presence well,

they did not like to be boastful or their best qualities did they loudly sell.

Beautiful bushy tails, pointed but perky ears would often dip below,

and these furry but fabulous animals would not be out on show!

Nocturnal, nightly and gifted wonderers of the hours when many are asleep,

these fantastic foxes brave the highest of obstacles and lands extremely steep.

In slim and slender bodies, do these animals continue to astound,

for they can be the most marvellous of athletes and with playful movements abound…

Foxes, are perhaps not for the encounters of everybody’s everyday,

they naturally embark on nightly missions to keep healthy and at play.

Curious, intelligent, wild at heart, foxes, burrow deep dens to make room for their rest,

stealthy, wise and family-oriented, this charming animal can be seen to attest.