Level One. Elephants.

Level One. Elephants.

By Michelle Lloyd.

Mum elephant and her little calf went to the water for a play,

it was somewhat needed as it had been a dry and humid day.

Elephant calf was eager to learn about what in the water she could do,

she had heard that through her trunk she could breathe and use it like a snorkel too.

There was a splash, there was a crash as elephant calf made her little way,

into the water where she learnt that she could hydrate, swim and play.

Flexible and fun was playing in the water for the calf,

and when she got her little trunk wet, it sure did make her laugh.

Putting her fears aside, the water soon became like her second home,

it was an environment in which she felt she could have a little roam.

Always not too far from mum was the little swimming elephant calf in the water,

in a day through her water’s play much fun was had by Elephant mum and daughter.