Bang, crash and phenomenal physical.

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 7th September 2011; as per requirements the curtains were tightly drawn and pegged, the door firmly closed and everyone took their seat.  The lights were switched off and the special coloured light in the box was switched on.

The objects for this circle were on the table two trumpets, a crystal ball, a small doll placed on one of the trumpets and a tub of sweets; under the table were two dolls, a glass of water, the Native American mask, the wind toy and to the corner of the room the abacus.

This circle started off with the drumming and the opening words.  Everyone went down into trance and although the room was dark it was also clear to see and people on the facing side of the room could see one another.  As the members started to sink down into trance, the cooler atmosphere started to seep through with particular sitters feeling a chill on their legs.  The room started to take on a different atmosphere.  On checking, the clear surroundings were also now not visible as a mist like haze covered the room.  The haze was like a thin white energy to see.

The drumming stopped and the trance grew deeper.  Peoples’ features became less clear until a shadow or black round just covered their faces.  The darkness or shadow black also took shape around the empty chair and along one other corner.  Small blue orbs also started to flash along the facing wall.  These small lights were shining around members and more particularly across the table.

Following a series of taps on the wall, the member sitting in the corner opened his mouth and the spirit started to give a message.  Thoughts were also things he stated.  Every thought that one experienced was also put out and made a difference to people surrounding the person, it is easy to try a new form of thinking but one must endeavour to feel if this new thought is right.  There is nothing which stands as good or bad but there are just correct ways of thinking, which are the basis of every action.  Thoughts are not just nothing which are made into the air but are there to be backed up by emotion and passion.  The next spirit to talk which was from another side of the room, a gentleman started to approach the circle saying that new vibrations and channels were within the circle and could the circle please concentrate and focus.  The entities wished to communicate with the group and with the help of focus would try to bring about phenomenon.  A huge bang outside the room rocked the door of the circle and the members of circle all were witness to this large noise which shook the wall. 

The next spirit to talk which was from another side of the room, a follow up to the noise, a voice stated to the circle that they were trying to bring physical phenomenon, spirits were present in the circle, listen to this, the spirit said and as this was said there was a confirming bang which was not as loud as the first but still sounded from a part of the inside room.  Concentrate on the gentleman’s glass of water, the spirit said, and as this was said, the circle member’s glass glowed green, this the spirit stated was to throw some light upon the glass and to show physical.

The circle also heard the sounding of the drum in the corner of the room without any of the members playing it and when one of the sitters placed fingers in front of it a tingle on energy could be felt; following this several energies stepped forward and messages were shown to the circle.

Several native American figures were seen, and one particularly by the names of Red Cloud and Crow woman.  Dream catchers were seen and then beautifully the native American figures formed their own inner circle with our circle.  The room felt larger and happy.  Please do read at the bottom of this blog to understand who Red Cloud was.  Also read the extra info to find out why the words Blue cloud were also clairvoyantly shown in the circle and came up alongside the Red Cloud energies.

The red light started to flicker.  After certain clairvoyant messages had been given the red light also went down and up.  Poignantly the red light seemed to move into the message and give a meaning as the spirit message was that of when he had passed it had been known and said that the light had gone out of his family.  At this moment the red light dimmed.  It was very apt and moving.

The light was wonderful and also the green glow covered certain members and parts of the room.  The paper and pencil on the floor was also used by the spirit who was being seen, and had been an architect, to show and demonstrate his movement.  This was evidence of who he was and the moving of the paper also represented a message for his members who were within the circle.

The little boy with the glasses who had shown a fondness for the abacus was seen.  A wolf with grey and light patch called Sky also walked through the circle. 

A tingle, tickly feel was felt by some of the members of circle on their face and legs.  Spirit energy was also seen near this.  The room felt calm and as the haze withdrew the closing words were read.  The light was switched on.  As the items were checked, the doll with two arms in the air now had one arm shifted down, the native American mask was also turned so that it now faced one of the members of circle, the empty chair now faced the circle and had been moved, the glass of water had tipped over so that it’s contents were spread across the floor, and the row of abacus balls had been tampered with so that now the first row of red balls had a gap and were sitting in a new way.

However, it was at this point that the noise and bang which had been heard in the circle was checked out, on opening the door it was discovered that not only had the front door which had been locked and put on the latch been now left with the latch moved but also another outer door was left with a slight gap. 

Red Cloud, has now been found out to be a head chief of the Oglala Lakota Sioux his reign was from 1868 to 1909.  One of the most capable native American opponents the United States came into fights with, he also led the people to important transition to reservation life.  His mother was also called Walks As She Thinks, was an Oglala Lakota and so evidently shows within her name the importance of thought which was mentioned earlier in the circle by another entity.  How thoughts combined become the blocks or parts of a chain which can provide support.  We feel that this also shows that the thought of spirit behind the circle provides a series of incidents and physicals which has value and are related, not just wonderful unrelated isolated incidents.  We believe and feel that the energies and Red Cloud’s strong connection to the reservation and tradition is what brought him to that particular sitting and why we were shown the native American sitting circle.  Blue Cloud, has now been found out to be a research centre and museum for artefacts relating to the Sioux. 

We really do feel honoured that our circle gets visited by such outstanding figures with spiritual links and views.  These figures do seem to have been inspired and shown fantastic power and love beyond belief to the circle. 

Above picture is of Red Cloud of the Oglala Lakota Sioux.

Pics taken from online encyclopaedia.