Woman of spirit and spiritual voice.

Ruth Shick Montgomery (June 11 1912 – June 10 2001) was a lady who lived a full life and portrayed concepts on spiritualism which helped to positively outline ideas on past lives, predictions, automatic writing (the ability to write with assistance of spirit channelling) and spirit guides.

Her convictions were built upon her understanding of spirit and to prove evidence of survival after death.  A lady who had historical dealing with many writers, leaders of philosophy and eminent politicians was also someone who had a goal to relate the spiritual part of her life to the nation.  Ruth Montgomery did practically demonstrate her psychic ability much in the traditions of both Jeane Dixon and Edgar Cayce.  A student of Arthur Ford she also helped to build a bridge between understanding and visually exploring her theories.  A biographer of Dixon, she stated that she just as Cayce was able to, and could access the Akashic Records; which is broadly a database of the Universe. Her assitance gave needed support in arenas and progressive forethought on important debate.
Montgomery believed her task on Earth was to define to the public on her belief in life after death.  However, she also studied reincarnation and thus came to believe there were many attributes in our past lives which could still remain and effect in the lives that are consequently led.

With other like-minded spiritualists, Montgomery founded the Association for Past Life Research and Therapy. Her many books which she says were channelled via a process named Automatic Writing, and this would allow for energies to write their words through the physical strength and use of her hand.  Her informative research regarding her spirit guides popularised spiritualist notions in public consciousness throughout 1970s and the 1990s. Montgomery is particularly thought of for her popularization of walk-in theory whereby a person’s soul can depart an ailing or anguished body and be helped along to health by spirit.

Montgomery was a well known and loved journalism columnist, her journalistic prowess and profession as a cub reporter for Waco-News-Tribune whilst she was on a course at Baylor University (1930–1935) earned her a name and reputation. Later she graduated from Purdue University (1934) and began work as a journalist on the Louisville Herald-Post.

In 1943, she became the first female reporter and leader for feminist plight in the Washington bureau of the New York Daily News.  Her comprehensive Washington DC career was notable as it covered notable foreign affairs such as the Berlin Airlift among them, she was a columnist for Hearst Headlines and United Press International  She was a well-read and relied upon correspondent with the International News Service.

Just as Montgomery tried to display, spiritual levels and mode for being instrumental in uncovering event is vital but something that she throughout her career gave precedence to and in this vein delivered a strong and compassionate grounding of to the people.

The spiritual methods and device for uncovering their will is often through unexpected attempts.  One can sit in trance and physical circle for two hours and ask for spirit to answer a set out objective and in giving communication will regularly show multi evidence and events.

At Franklin D. Roosevelt’s funeral, Montgomery was the sole female reporter out of the 12 invited there. In 1950, while a journalist for the New York Daily News, she was voted president of the Women’s National Press Club. In 1959, she was a member of then Vice-President Nixon press corps on this tour on Russia. Montgomery wrote of her 25 years covering Washington in her 1970 book, “Hail to the Chiefs My Life and Times with Six Presidents”.

Montgomery wrote annual newspaper columns listing predictions by psychic Jeane Dixon beginning in 1952. In 1962, “Once There was a Nun: Mary McCarran’s Years as Sister Mary Mercy” was published and thus began Montgomery’s long career as a non-fiction author. In 1965 her book, “A Gift of Prophecy” about Jeane Dixon was published and became a best-seller, selling over 3 million copies.

Montgomery retired from her journalism career in 1969.  T Archives Division at Baylor University in America still contain her research papers.

In her book The World Before (1976) Montgomery presented a history clad account of the earth which involved the lost continents of Mu and Atlantis. The book was written through automatic writing, Montgomery claimed the information was given to her by her spirit guides.

Montgomery not only revolutionized theoretical evaluation but through her analysis came to many unheard of and unspoken revelations. She had claimed humans had existed with dinosaurs on earth for millions of years prior to the early discussions on when man first walked the Earth. She stated that the primary man may in stature and height overshadowed at 12 feet tall and later this was backed through archaeological finds of bones which were incredibly long and well defined. She wrote that the offspring of the early humans and animals on earth were “half human forms” which had existed for millions of years such as Centaurs, satyrs and nymphs.

Her innovative thought on Atlantis was that it was a semitropical paradise, a golden age peopled by a “red race”.   Plato and much of his writing came into emphasising what beauty and invention had sunk beyond the reach of man.  This too seems to link with the main intention of Montgomery’s notions.  She wrote that the “The black race began in Africa” and the Lemurians were a race who existed in their own cultural right.

Montgomery’s main thought was that that humanity consisted of Five separate family trees and that each race created separately for climatic and natural states. According to Montgomery Homo sapiens appeared in five different places on Earth at the same time:

The different categories were –

  • Red Race – Atlantis and America.
  • White race – colder regions, originated in the Carpathian and Caucasian mountains. Later migrated to Atlantis, Pyrenees, southern France, Persia, and the Mediterranean sea.
  • Brown race – Pacific, India and Lemuria.
  • Black race – African continents.
  • Yellow race – Asia.

In her attempts at furthering her special approach to scientific and spiritual faith she claimed that Australia is a remnant of Lemuria and the Aborigine’s are descendants of the Lemurians. She wrote that Celts descended from that held Red race of Atlantis, but intermingled with the White race to retain the red hair colour but not the same red skin tone. Basques descended of atlanteans. The Norse were a pure White race who had not intermingled and Montgomery also claimed the Mediterranean race originated by atlanteans intermarrying the White race.

Echoing the earlier predictions of Edgar Cayce, Montgomery believed that ancient advanced civilizations of Mu and Atlantis had destroyed themselves thousands of years in the pre-history of modern man. Montgomery said that we would see remnants of the lost continent of Atlantis as it rose from the sea after what she predicted as a “Polar Shift”.

Montgomery predicted in the 1970s (with the help of her spirit guides) that World War III would begin in the mid-1980s when a war, started by certain states, would spread first to the Middle East, and then Europe. Montgomery’s “Guides” allegedly stated quite clearly that humans have free will and can make their own decisions about and regarding their destiny, and during the late 1970s and early 1980s, in fact changed the future, preventing the war.  This same statement is one which is recurred as a theme by spirits when they come to physical and trance circle and one enforced as a reason for the potential that can and does exhibit itself as destruction and saviour in our natural home.  It is through the hands and intentional aims of a nation that countries fail or succeed…the native American tribes who once held values come to state that the cycle of a home is based on its occupants and the care or neglect that is inflected upon it.

Montgomery also predicted in the 1970s and 1980s, that America would have a “walk-in” as president in the 1990s, (“around, 1992 or 1996”) before the Polar Shift, which was to happen “in the last months of the century” as “the Guides” informed would be.  This Walk – in could be suggested to mean a break with the convention of precidency and that an individual would come into Congress with a leadership quality that was a step away from past cultural and old held beliefs.

Undoubtedly Ruth Montgomery was a voice which spoke in an uncharted and unconventional manner.  The factual, science, psychology and spiritual background of one person shone through the masses and led to until then areas for study and probing that had been left dormant.  It was with the help of Montgomery that much current technique in hypnotic and spiritual fields are now established and more than this it was through her that greater thought was given to the fact that there is much to the World that is not researched about, given credit or used as a means for learning.  It was through such woman of spirit that profound ladders were extended to levels that had not been broached and public peaks were attained in a climb to gaining an acceptance of spiritualist visionaries.