Tremendous physical and trance circle.

When someone is a member of trance circle it is with respect and intrigue that one sits.  The physical which takes place is evidence of love and trust.  This is no weak link; it is a bond which is filled with love and compassion.  It is under this term that members take considered and measured steps towards joining and helping to divulge and attest to the accounts which take place with spirit.  I would state that each sitting is a drawing close to moving the theories of spiritualism into our time.  It is our understanding and thanks to spirit that love seems to be the main attribute to helping to show physical and evidence of spirituality. 

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 12th December 2011; this was a circle which was started with all members taking their seats.  The objects in the room were the table and the red box.  On the table were the two trumpets, the ring, the crystal ball; and on the floor was placed the abacus.  The over lights were turned off and the light from the red box was switched on.  The opening words were read and the drumming was started.  Unbeknown to the members this drumming and what was going to take place a few minutes further on was going to be a physical which created much awe and happiness.

It must be noted that the same form Emma Harding e Britten was seen momentarily before proceedings and official circile began.

The room was split at first.  Some of the members felt cold, icy cool; and yet some felt warm.  The darkness was clear and empty, nothing was in shadow.  The cracks and a few particular taps slowly began and this preempted the first spirit to talk to circle.  A spirit warmly greeted the circle, in a kind and reassured voice he stated his message about empathy.  Love was an important aspect.  Spirit side and also this side for it is with an emotion that physical can take place.  Christmas was on both sides, and this celebrated and loved ones coming through.

The circle felt a differed atmosphere.  It was then that shadows were picked out on the walls.  There was something uniquely marked as certain members had a vast number of shadows.  Too many for just one sitter.  Other members too picked up on shapes on the walls and dark shadows of forms which should not have been present.  It was then that the next spirit started to speak to circle.  With a happy pleased to ne, the spirit announced that he was spirit guide and named himself.  The spirit stated that there were a lot of energies present and that one in particular was insistent and persistent to ask about the New Year and the giving of coal.  The genteman wanted to ask if this was a custom which was still taken up.  This was a custom which would bring luck.  It was as this was being said that the spirit guide started to once again talk of the circle and thank the gathering.  The members, he said were young and just as knowledge was being distributed and taught spirit side it was the experience and stages of learning which he wished for the gathering to gain.  It was a happy message.  The circle also reported feeling cool as the message was being given. 

The next event to shape was in the corner of the room where once more a white mist seemed to unveil.  It was incredibly dark between each member and there were visible faces and features.  At one point a hand shot out from between two members and this was seen as it approached the table.

Blue lights or orbs as they are known started to flicker.  The first spirit to talk to circle told of how unlike on the last sitting, this sitting was far more concerened with loved ones.  Look not to the more famous spirit visitors but to the loved ones who are to rejoin you over Christmas.  As this is being written a cool breeze has rushed past.  As this was said, a host of forms entered the circle, spirits who could clearly show who in the circle they were visiting.  Names were given to members and evidential support of children and relatives alike who were visiting.

This was an intimate time for members.  A banging or rattling of the door started.  At around this time an energy could also be felt walking round the room and what can then only be detailed as a shaking of the door started up.  Listening to this, the next spirit started to talk.  Christmas trees were mentioned, the trees and decorations which had been seen.  A Christmas tree brings magic.  It is also the traditions of the past.  An unforgotten link, the spirit exclaimed, it was splendid.

One of the sitters could see children energies.  One other had a sharp pain in one shoulder.  The room felt warm.  A particular heat started to descend.  One member could see a girl holding her hands apart and after referring to her started to instruct the circle who all carried this out, feeling an intense heat in their hands.  This was then taken a step more as the spirit showed how to rub hands insistently and then place on anywhere needed.  There was a buzzing sound which seemed to be coming from one side of the room. 

The members felt a piercing sound.  It was like a howl which came from one corner of the room, a sharp shrill sound could be heard from it and without further sighting from that time it is difficult to note exactly what it was.  The next visions were of Russian descent.  A drum could be heard by practically all the members, a thudding sound.  It was as if the member who played the drum at the beginning of the circle was banging his drum but he wasn’t.  The sound was particular and accompanied a scene of Russian men introducing a dancing ritual.  Alongside this were the names and the russian spiritualist dance.  

A gentleman was seen.  A form in darkness, Shakespeare the name and love and then the name Robert Frost.  After research it can be shown Robert Frost was inspired by Robert Browning and his verse and loved Shakespeare.  Also the two writers were both fascinated by sound.  Sound is something which seemed to be a theme for the circle.  Physical sounds were awesome that evening.  Whispering and bangs being heard.  Also the sound of a bird like whistling.  The Robert Browning who also came through showed circle the link with Keats.  One of the mediums could clearly see a monument for Keats.  After research it can now be shown that Robert Browning loved Keats verse.  There is a cycle by which Frost seems to link with Browning.  It seems more than apt that the two should link together when showing the informative snippets in circle.  Golden was a word which came up along with a reference for a place and alongside this after research it has been established that Robert Frost was born in California and Babara Stanwyck who was also seen and mentioned in the next paragraph passed from this side in California.

Barbara Stanwyck, the name was given, next by another and separate sitter a young female doing a charleston and with that apparel was noticed behind one of the other sitters.  Following this, the word golden gate was given and Stephanie Beacham, slightly later the name Chamberline, a man with a red robe and a ship which looked eerily like the Titanic.  It is only now after research that it can be linked, Babara Stanwyck, joined something called the Ziegfield follies and in 1922, 1923 was working and pictured as Ziegfield girl, this explained the girl seen, also BaBara Stanwyck worked on the film set of The Thorn Bird with a Richard Chamberlin who wore the red clothing and it was after research showed it was on this filmset where she inhailed smoke from a special scenes and this brought on Bronchitis.  The Titanic reference can also now be explained as it is on the film set for Titanic where Babara Stanwyck met Robert Wagne r who she fell in love with and had a liason, another film series she worked on was The Colbys where sh acted with Stephanie Beacham, and the golden globes for sound was hosted by Stanwyck along with the fact that she was renowned in California, aka the golden reference.

Edward Heath was seen.  A face, which after research can be validated.  The features keen and the link to both Russia, as he opened trade and was in discussions and also to film stars and actre ss as he had a yaught and had only certain female friends.

To finish I would like to state that two native Americans, Encouraging Bear and Chief Crazy Horse were seen.  At first, only the names were there of Bear and Crazy Horse.  The only other thing to be known was the word Sioux.  Now, after research it needs to be mentioned that the circle was held on an evening where there was predicted to be a massive storm, and I was worried about this, I asked for spirit to send someone who could help, following this as the circle finished one of the sitters found that their precious and sentimental gold bracelet had vanished and gone it was with much asking from spirit for help that the gold bracelet was found in the dark and amongst a stone path just outside where the circle was held.  Chief Crazy Horse was a leader and belo ved member of teh tribe the Sioux, and after research it can be stated Encouraging Bear was his spiritual advisor a man who was adopted by the other man’s uncle and they were brought close and loved one another.  Encouraging Bear was known for helping to control the weather and find missing objects.  This was exactly what was asked for.  In the killing of the infamous Crazy Horse, Encouraging Bear had tried to help and in a fight had his shoulder dislocated, something which was mentioned earlier as being felt by one o f the sitters, he also is the only one known to know where Crazy Horse was burried.

The circle was closed.  Members felt the energy lift.

It should also be mentioned that on returning to the house, a picture on the wall had been made crooked, a christmas tree had been moved and the decorations facing a new way.  It does seem that the magic of Christmas trees, which was mentioned in circle, had followed in a magical way to touch one of the sitter’s belongings. 

Pics taken from online   encyclopedia.  Robert Browning, Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Frost, Barbara Stanwyc k, Chie f Crazy Horse and unfortunately there is no picture only information written about Encouraging Bear.