The Northdown trance and physical circle can now be revealed will be on temporary break for a short while due to one of the sitter’s undergoing a surgical procedure.  The operation has meant it necessary for there to be a period of recovery and whilst this is happening it will allow for the circle to send healing to the much loved member and the sitting will recommence into its investigation into spirit phenomena once the sitter has recovered and has had a little time to recuperate.

The actual trance and physical circle is expected to reconvene in a short while.  In this blog I would like to take the opportunity to discuss with you the subject and phenomena of transfiguration.

In a sitting spirit enables many sights, senses and displays to come into full visibility of all who are sitting.  The events are then seen, listed and analysed.  Numerous activities can be evidenced as objects are tampered with, manipulated or even levitated.  The table has been a good object to see touched by spirit as on one evening it began to shake and lift from the floor.  The red light is an excellent piece of equipment because of its ease to be switched to different settings.  The dial on the reverse of the light box is not one which can be moved without a bit of force but as a circle opens and whilst the spirit present communicate with members the light flickers, turn to high or low depending on how entities want the room in light or darker for means of producing other more physical actions.  These occurrences can come in the form of transfiguration.

Transfiguration itself can be a most exhilarating experience to watch.  It is all based on the look, an appearance or resemblance of a person and that which spirit want to capture.  Much in the way of a painter, spirit will embark to try to reproduce a resembling face of the one they had in life.  This will most often take energy and it will be performed upon the face of one of the sitters.

The definition of the word means to have a notable difference to the appearance, to form or to make marked alteration to the shape or metamorphosis.

Queenie Nixon 1918 to 1989 was one blessed medium with the ability for transfiguration. A sitter in one of her séance events made a remark as to how virtually the spirit was able to reproduce a copy of the face they had in life over the top of hers.  

In the low red light or with a candle the forms of spirit bodies can be detected through this process and often there will be a number of faces which will appear in a matter of seconds each flashing on top and momentarily seeming to overshadow the face of the sitting medium.

Mediums who are capable and sit to aid spirit with this means of seeing are not always in the deep trance.  It is enough for the individual to be in relaxed pose and often in a circle moments later if spirit wish to embark upon this the faces will start to appear.

Bodies will seem taller or shorter during this transfiguration.  Mediums that have a specific shape or size in life will quickly look to be thinner or more proportioned to the aspects that the spirit had themselves.

In helping loved family members this transfiguration is a link which unites those sat in a circle with those who have passed to the next level.

Hair or particular visible indications on the person may come through and it is the upper half of the medium which takes on the new form.

In sittings we have been very fortunate to have experienced this spirit evidence.  The Afterlife proves to have many facets and it is regarding the visible and somewhat extra special facial alteration whereupon energies have shown there is much to be learnt and understood.