Trance and spirit sittings.

In trance and spiritual based sittings or circles often members extend their own presence and use clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to help give a defined and exact reference of paranormal events.  There can basically be a number of objects, items and phenomena which can come into visual, oral and sensory catchment of the gathered mediums, sitters or invited guests.

The overt display of spirit relayed activity can include:

Marks appearing on paper or walls

Lights overhead switching themselves off, flickering or lowering

Chairs or tables shaking

Smells permeating around the room from no known source

Sound of whispering, chatting or laughing come into range from a corner

Electric supply to items in the room overloading or adapting

Clothing or jewelery on mediums or sitters loosening, tightening or dropping from their arranged positions

Shadows forming where no person is sat

Heat or extreme cold becoming felt in one area or gradually spreading to each sitter in the form of a breeze where none should be emanating

Toy cars sudden and quickly bursting into life of their own accord and rolling around the room

Tingling, itching or pressure coming into contact with the skin

(Usually the sensations to come directly on to the body are ones to be primarily a preliminary stage before trance, transfiguration or a start to some visual activity.)

Numbers can be used by spirit to convey dates, anniversaries, birthdays or prior informative incidents to occur and can be used in forms of the digits on a clock or cd player.    

All of the above mentions are of events which have taken form in a known trance and materialisation circle.  The occasion is met from both assembled mediums who are experienced and spirit who are engaged in being able to demonstrate the achievements which can result in such a connection.  The echoing of footsteps, banging on doors which are in close proximity to sitters means an arranged circle of spiritual nature must above all be attended by mediums or individuals who have experience of this type of encounter.

That is why Trance and materialisation circles are usually closed to the public.

The balanced and restrict stance of individuals who have knowledge of what can display but is still in subservience of the regulations and requirements which need to be in situ for the safety of all involved is needed.

The amount and breathtaking moments which spirit offer can and is a reason for wonder.  It was through such sittings and circles that medium Helen Duncan could bring into focus and show the potential and manifestation of control Albert Stuart.

Trance circle is a platform where spirit are able to link and connection to visually seen apports, spiritual energy and hands can be seen.  It is a very precious setting as it allows for individuals to participate and adhere to closely regarded and held manifestations from the spirit world.

One Albert Stuart is an individual who lived a life on Earth and yet helped to highlight the life he had when he passed.  Aiding medium and psychic Helen Duncan in awesome and loving sittings he not only probably showed the first apport (item which is brought into tangible connections with people) that could be independently verified and tested but was able through his information to give personal testimony of spirit existence.  Albert a loving individual along with dr. Williams who gave full and acuarate exhibits of spirit ectoplasm defined spirit circles. 

Earthly meetings and witnessing of accounts are taken for granted.  Yet spirit who bring our heart to momentary stops with their separate aims and love filled portraits of who they were related to and how they want to show their hands in circle can be superb.  When we meet someone or events mean that a kindness is shown it can be shrugged off but when spirit touch you in circle or bring their presence of being on through the opening, closing of a box on a table or the movement of a personal trinket then it can shine in so many forms.

I think an important and integral element of trance circles is that they bring people and their relatives into a time where limitations are not significant and all that matters can be love.  In achieving trance communication, a mode of being which has been established historically since the eras of Socrates and Plato much can be attained.  Spiritual arms enfold and outline spirit life.

Spirit circles have long been respectfully brought together and act through their valid sitting as a doorway to spiritual proceedings.

There is more to being part of a validation in the circle when the red light is manipulated by spirit, presences are brought into touchable location and materialisations fully appear.  Much more is valued by these energies and that is an overwhelming pride in assisting with others to join in a trance and spirit sittings.