Trance and outstanding physical phenomenon.

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on 20th July 2011; this was a sitting which felt both calm and yet there was still a feeling of anticipation.  The circle began with the requirements of the curtains firmly drawn and pegged, the door ensured closed, the lights were switched off and inside the box of the red light the candle was lit. 

On the table placed in the middle of the room was the two trumpets, a toy car, one ring and a small doll with head faced to the front.  Under the table and directly on the floor was the wind toy, two larger dolls, the toy penguin and Native American mask.

The circle started off quietly and with one of the sitters beginning with the drumming.  The opening words were said and everyone sunk down into trance.  All of the sitters had their eyes closed and the circle was begun with relative quietness.  After a few minutes the first medium in the sitting began to speak, a spiritual message was given to the circle about the need for meditation and the fact that whilst there was a specific time to be given to being spiritual there was also a need for people to focus on developing their own sense of balance.  The equilibrium and state of circle was important and it was a key element needed that there be parity and happiness.  It was only a few minutes after this first spiritual message was given to the circle that the next medium began to speak, this time the message was from an elderly lady who was apparently 84 years of age when she passed, she gave names and conditions of spirit and this side of life.  It was following these that the circle began to feel a fluctuation in temperature.  The icy chill which sunk down behind sitters countered the almost warm feeling which could be felt directly in front of them.  The speaking had also started off a series of taps which seemed to start and go up the walls.

The circle sat quietly after this and it was not long before a few fairly faint blue lights seemed to appear in certain high up places in the room.  There was also a faint misty like air which featured in specific areas of the room and in front of two of the sitters.  It is difficult to note the exact time in which the next phenomenon took place but it was after several of the sitters started to complain of feeling cold and then hot.  One of the sitters had to put on and then remove their shawl and it was after this that the energy in the circle seemed to differ.  The feeling felt heavy and then the chanting on the record player (stereo and cd player) stopped and started to jam on the one part of the chant so that the whole circle could faintly hear the odd broken sound the cd made.  This was acknowledged and the cd went back to the normal chanting as if nothing had happened.  The next medium to give a message directly to the circle asked for patience and that just as the spirits had been welcomed so had the circle been welcomed by them.  It was also claimed that the small things should be noticed and that physical was to take place in front of and beside the sitters.  After this the circle once again felt a difference in energy and temperature directly in front of them.

The light started to fade and though the circle was dark everyone’s attention was drawn to a shaft of light which suddenly seemed to appear in the form of a spot light.  This odd light was stunning to see but more than that it drew our attention to the top of the head of one of the sitters.  As the circle watched to see what was to happen it was rather shocking and awe inspiring to see that that same medium started to breathe in an odd way with her mouth extending out into the most unique and practically impossible physical way.  Inside the mouth seemed odd too and the outtake of breath seemed to go inwards as the air sound gushed out and the mouth opened at such an interfered angle.  The air noise was different and sounded like wisps of air but all too gusty and breathy.  After this and as the noise was emitted what can only be said were word like phrase seemed to formulate.  What is going to be written next is difficult as it is a strange phenomenon which many of the sitters had never seen before.  The open air sound seemed to gust out and produce words to the effect of… “I want to…”  But the words are difficult to report clearly as it was unclear.   There was also the different language element to the experience.  The actual trance medium who is experienced in the field of trance was left reeling and feeling as though it had been an extremely unique thing to have happened.  It was said that it was almost like a 3D effect whereby three people were actually involved and spirit helped to partially translate the words over.

After this astounding phenomenon the moment left the circle in conversation, one to say that it was a unique sight and two that inside the mouth had seemed to be so black and long a shape.

After this the circle was expectantly excited and there was a strange feeling in the air.  The person who had been sitting next to that medium and who was in trance also started to transfigure slightly but it was only the main feature of certain jewel like items on their body that showed up.

The spiritual energy was so palatable that expectation was to be felt and it was on the other side of the room that two spirits stood next to a sitter.  She was at first ready to talk to the circle but as the energies drew closer, she had to close her eyes and you could feel the energy differing in the circle.  The message came through and it was with a gentle and happy atmosphere.  It was a good message and the medium did well in helping bring forth a message which gave answers to some of the sitter’s queries.  After the message was given once again a cool almost wet like feeling progressed down some of the sitters arms.  The time was checked and the last spiritual activity took place at exactly 9.30 pm, the time when the circle should close.

After the sitting had ended, the circle was closed and the curtains slightly apart.  The light was switched on and the items were checked.  The ring had been moved successfully and the small doll had also had her head turned slightly to the right.