Tension trance and physical circle

This following blog accounts event surrounding the trance and physic circle on the 7th November 2011.  Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 7th November 2011.  In every circle or spiritualist event it is always necessary to follow the protection element required; the opening words and preparations are important and as this following account shows, this is why.

The first moment of circle was taken up with the leader trying to light a candle which sometimes is put in the box with the red light.  On this eve, no matter how hard the leader tried the wick would not take.  The flame was jumping, as the leader tried to light a first match it took, the end would spark, then it flew across the room and hit the carpet in a way which looked as if it could have caused a lot of harm, the flame however went out mid flight and just before it hit, the next match did not fare much better as this one struck against the box of matches and the flame literally jumped on to the other corner of the box.  This was strange.  The final match lit the candle but on starting the circle within the first few moments it went off. 

It seemed as if something was trying to put out the light.

The curtains were tightly shut and the peg ensured that no outside light was let in, the door was locked, the objects with the exception of the additional light were checked and everyone took their seat.  The objects on the table were the crystal ball, the two trumpets, the toy car and small doll.  Under the table were the two larger dolls, the native American mask and the wind mill toy.  Behind one of the chairs was also placed the abacus.  It is important and necessary that the circle starts in calm and with the use of red light. 

The lights were switched off and the opening words were said.  This is where things started to take an unexpected turn.  As should take place, the trance began, members started to drift into trance and the temperature started to shift.  It was exceptional, a very cool breeze started across people’s lower legs.  A white mist also started to spread through the room, this time the mist was heavy.  It was like a white curtain or parchment.  The members all experienced a deep trance.  The drumming started and it was as if a shift took place.  A very tense and anguish filled feeling came into the room.  A few figures were seen, amongst which a relative of Blue Feather, native American spirit stood.  With members, still in trance, a rustling and scratching started in the corner.  A lot of tension filled the members.  It was in the next few seconds that a horrible accident took place for the circle leader.  That brought a disturbance to the circle as the leader had to be rushed to hospital; it was undecided if the circle should continue but the leader insisted that the circle should be continued.


As asked by the leader, the circle was restarted and one of the members took over and said the opening words again.  It was with concern and worry that the circle was restarted. 

The next few moments were taught and the disturbance could be felt on both sides.  The next spirit to talk was through one of the members who had been sitting near to where the accident had been.  Feelings, he said, were heightened and not only felt by spirit but were surrounding and fluctuating.  This spirit stated that they were upset by what had taken place and that in spirit the vibration was higher and the distress felt more deeply.  Spirit were saddened by what had taken place.  Do not let yourself be led by your emotions the spirit said but feel and take notice of what goes on. 

The circle was slightly in shock and in the next few minutes as the atmosphere began to settle the red light started to shoot up and down.  Members tried to concentrate, but focus was difficult, however vibrations could be felt.

The spirit who talked first to circle, also informed about messages, from spirit he stated that images could be shown but the clarity and interpretation was important to be got right.  He talked of noticing what was taking place in circle and not just looking at small parts.

Members could see a lot of clairvoyant images.  One chair started to shake.  A lot of green light surrounded the room and notable lights seemed to flash inside the circle.  The green light it is important to note is meant for protection.  As the circle started to settle down so too the images seemed to flow. 

The next member to open their mouth came through with spirit.  The spirit had a message.  Upset by what had taken place, this spirit stated that despite of the event members should take account of what was going on.  It was important.  Help was also offered by spirit.

A tremendous feel of calm came into circle.  One which members although still concerned felt eased the tension.  The circle watched as several images appeared on curtain, a phoenix and a winged horse, Pegasus.  The black eagle form which is also the spiritual guide for circle, appeared in its totem shape, a black eagle looking into the circle.  The black eagle with wings open head down watching all around the circle.

The circle watched as the images took shape.  The sounds came from the side of the room.  Next three confirmations sounds came and members started to talk of the events and the level of physical dropped.  As the circle was brought to close, the closing words were said.  The light was switched on and the items checked.  On the abacus it was clearly seen that a rung of balls had been moved.  The orange balls now had a difference in their arrangement.

Blue Feathers, can now be stated, after research to be a spiritual term for guarding and protection.  As the spirit energy who came to stand in circle stated he was related to Blue Feathers and that was just what that particular circle needed.