Stunning physical happenings.

Attended the circle on 15th June 2011.  With only the half dim glow of the red light the curtains were drawn and pegged tightly so that no natural day light would come through to the room.  Everyone was seated evenly spaced from one another and sat around a table upon which was placed two trumpets, a number of dolls, a ring, a toy car and crystal ball.

There was nothing else in the room apart from the table with the objects on it and also underneath an abacus (which has seen movement in past circles) and a Native American mask which had been predicted would come to the circle by spirit and also asked for.

We began the circle with the opening words but almost only a few minutes after starting the first blue orbs became apparent.  Two members simultaneously saw the bright blue lights which were visible above and upon the curtain in the room and also upon the head of the doll which was sat on top of the table.  The blue light was next to the head band on the doll’s hair.  After having seen the blue lights, one of the members began the drumming and members started to witness the misty, particle like smog which started to filter through to the room.

I am happy to state that, as known and loved by many, Doris Stokes, a great physical and clairvoyant medium was also seen in the circle giving advice. 

Most members started going down into trance and it was after five minutes that the first spirit started to speak.  One of the other members of circle started to experience clairsentience in the form of a figure and the names of Great Bear.  It was at that point that the spirit spoke out through the medium.  His words were clear and fast and it was with happiness that he addressed the sitters and circle.  He told the gathered circle that yes there were many spirit energies present and that they were watchers to see how the circle had progressed.  Speaking of the many animals he saw, he also told of the friendship and the link that the sitters were going to have with animals and how this in itself would bring about a certain energy.  Knowledge, he said, would soon come of how the sitters in circle could learn from these animal counterparts. 

The second spirit to talk was through another medium and it was with clarity and a deep voice that the sound resonated from the sitter’s chest.  It was a message of some thought and on the subject of guides and spiritual help.

There was several taps and sounds which appeared to start at the base of the wall and progress slowly.  A child spirit of a girl was also seen and noted by one of the mediums; her words were that of can you see us?  Subsequently after this and before the message had been given several of the sitters complained of sore eyes.  Once again the little blue light or orb was seen around the same doll on the table.  The message was clairvoyantly given from the little girl that she and a little boy were playing with Oscar, who later and thanks to another medium was confirmed as being a cat that they were aware of who had also passed.  Several other blue lights were also seen in proximity to other sitters.

The smog of earlier or unclear mist also started to ebb away and it was at that point that the left hand corner of the room became darker and inexplicably the cloudy mist started to shade out the sitter who was sitting there.  The sitter started to look larger in body shape whilst his face started to transfigure and his features took on that of a different and visibly new appearance.

Messages started to come from the lips of two of the mediums and accurate readings with accompanying orbs and blue coloured lights.  The medium who had started to transfigure remained in total trance from the beginning of the circle to the end.  However the medium sitting next to him was covered in shadow and whilst in trance started to take on the appearance of other spirits who wanted to converse with the gathered group.  A few messages were given directly to certain members and also a message was given collectively to the sitters.

The crystal ball on the table appeared cloudy and also an inexplicable green hue was given off from it.  The same green light was traced in a line down both of the trumpets even though they were placed at different angles from one another and there was no way of any light coming into the room apart from the red light.

There was also an image of a third eye in the crystal.  A number of orbs came through.  The blue lights seemed to try to join over certain areas of the room.

Clairvoyantly spirit guides were also seen.  Cold temperatures were also experienced down one side of the room.

As the mediums began to come back from their trance it was noticed how the medium in the corner had become very different in stature and that the darkness in that corner was notably more.  The circle was drawn to a close and the light in the room was turned back on.  It was then that it was noticed that the doll on the table had moved: both its arms were above its head whereas at the beginning of the circle only one had been in the air and also the doll’s hair band and where the blue orb had been seen the hair accessory had slipped forward.

The mask on the floor had also been moved and turned so that it now faced a different direction.  Both these physical movements were closely examined by the sitters.