Crossing conceptions.

Author: | Posted on: July 20, 2016


Spirit messages are often a means of validation of information.  In messages individuals can give and receive important links to what is significant in terms of memories for them.  In many messages one subject that seems to be recurring is that of one’s sense of home.

Home can be significant for people in many different ways.  For some, they talk of a home as the place they recognise and for others it is the individuals who have made home a much known and loved sense.  Often, it is with an interpretation of what is important for them that individuals in spirit refer to their general idea of residence.

Messages can be evidence.  If a link refers to information that can be indisputably verified then that can be useful evidence.  In messages it is often with an aim for reassurance that spirit use their links to home because it can identify with who they were in life, where they are situated and how they are doing.  All these references aid people in being able to be assured that loved ones who have passed are not lost to them or to their sense of where they feel at home in heart and mind.

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