Spiritual science.

Investigating into spirit phenomena, sightings and accounts of unexpected experience hold a certain interest which has over the years lured both the spiritual and scientific worlds in.  It is desperation to find answers, to either agree or refute the claim that there is more event based witness encounters which can substantially validate ghostly visits.

1970 investigations into phenomena including mental abilities to gain information without the use of normal means involved cards to be placed before the subject and the same case study being a few moments in clearly audible tone capable to register what the symbol on the card was without visually having the opportunity to have seen it.

Scientists have attempted to understand the human functions and capacity of the individual and question if the sighting of spirits, the mediumistic and physical demonstrations can be invested into and broken or fragmented so that its integral aspects can be understood.

Scientific objective tasks have been devised but carried out in a totally new clinic surrounding so that there could be no chance of the subject using anything other than paranormal or spiritual influence.  This exact and calculated arranged series of intense explorations focused on finding out what and more pertinently how certain information could be accessed.

The theme of spiritual and psi activity is one that can mean many different combinations of thought must be used in order to achieve a productive outcome.  Scientists throughout the early years brought about many tests to be carried out in Academic Institutions.

The Institutions of psychology and science combined to find out more about the potential of the human as an entity and through their many findings realised new concepts on the untapped ability of the sixth sense, the intuitive and psychic part of the self.

It was not one list of findings which brought about a conclusion but more that through putting the candidates in removed environments and looking into how the person could convey information only thought attainable through conscious or visual means it meant that the empirical data astounded and directed one to the belief of more spirit or other sense being responsible for the things which took place in those laboratories.  Spirit and science came to work side by side in pointing to the need to sometimes push the boundaries of accepted modes of being and instead effectively compelled those who studied the summation to term new measurable actions of psychokinetic and telekinesis.  The humantive psychology angle of the manifestation of energy is an all too relevant representation of how well such senses educate in further accepting and appreciating what can be done.