Spiritual ethos.

Spiritualism and spirituality is an element which has helped me to explore new and fascinating aspects of life.  Spirituality is intriguing because of its nature and not something to be feared.  Sometimes spirituality can be portrayed as negative, especially when ‘ghosts, spooks and ghouls’ are picked out and shown on some films or programmes on TV, this can give people a wrong and quite misguided view of what spirituality and spiritual happenings can be like.  In regular terms, spiritualism is a positive and intriguing device by which people can see and explore something which is comforting.   

I am writing this blog because it is easy to take spiritualism in so many different forms.  However personally spiritualism has been instrumental in helping to show me that no matter how difficult and troubling an experience can be spiritual activity and clairvoyant moments can offer a different and enjoyable perspective.  Spiritualism is not about hunting ghosts or proving that there are haunted buildings, yes spirits can help to produce a residual energy and this could be seen as paranormal happenings but the spiritualism that I am included in is far more conducive to proving that loved energies can make clairvoyant attempts at showing themselves and focusing on the help they can give.  Physical activity is not worrying to witness despite how many people approach the topic, spiritual trance and physical can be inspiring and a happy experience to be a part of.      

From the mother who has lost a child in pregnancy, to any parent who has lost a baby or a termination or miscarriage, it is really important to know that these lives are not just lost.  Many spirits and indeed children who do not get to go on and live a full life this side do go on to experience a new level of living via spirit.  Many events and situations can affect people and it is so easy to feel blame and sadness because of the loss of a child.  Children are so special because they touch life with a spark of magic that can go on to help and give growth and fruition.  A child is precious and every event and time that is spent can be valued.  When a tragic incident takes place, no matter how or why, when a child is gone from this side of life then the wave of emotions and feelings which are left behind can sometimes be too much to bear.  In spiritualism and through experiencing clairvoyantly the babies which have joined a life which is lived albeit not on this side of life but in a spiritual level it is something which shows that children do still experience joy and happiness through a new and different kind of life after their passing.  Parents are still important features and key figures in spirit babies lives, just the same as favourite toys and siblings.  Things do differ after passing but love is enduring and their passion and energies can still be seen.

Animals in spirit also clairvoyantly often visit our circle.  It is wonderful to be able to show this to people who have lost their pet, as animals can be just as drawn into the bond of relationships.

So often people forget that relationships and the people we draw in to our feelings are still important to us in different forms.  It is easy to see, through circles, that spiritual presence and energy is there and still can provide support and empathy

Here is a poem which does endeavour to sum up certain spiritual experience:

A touch, a whisper, a caress or more

I know that you are still present

In some form you are just beyond the law

The rules, the guidance and the foundation of things

That make our world what it is

And all the happiness and negativity it brings

Still does not affect the different energy you can be

It just means that now you can be free

To move around, and touch the lives

Of all the people around who you decree

Are the people that you know and love

Instead now you do that and more and still fly

As free as a dove 

If you have any questions then do use this site to explore the happenings of spirits and please use the contact me; email with any questions for mediums to help to answer and reply to.