Spiritual Connections

This Monday’s circle had to be postponed and as a result I thought it would be good to talk about the spiritual connections and the integral reasons why so many of the visitations seem to have a link and spirit delve into the past.  In so many circles, spirit venture to show the reasons why they come; and whilst it is endeavored to find out all the reasons, sometimes as will be shown below this is not always possible and at times there is a spiritual reason even for this…

It is in this blog that I would like to point to the sitting in trance and physical; named Glamorous trance and physical sitting, it was in this circle that two spirits showed up a connection in themselves and it is one which was not known at the time.  Therefore, with sincere thanks I would like to here write why these two figures came through to that particular circle and more than this what the connection is between them.  Elizabeth Taylor; and Napoleon Bonaparte; and at first you would be hard pressed to realize why these two infamous people share such a personal link.  Indeed after the write up for the blog on that day, the connection was not revealed until spirit showed an advert which was flagged up regarding an Elizabeth Taylor program which was coming up on TV the very next evening.  It was to be about the jewels of Elizabeth Taylor.  At first, only a cursory attention was given, the program looked stunning just as a result of the accessories but beyond that no other clue was known.  It was not until the actual television show started and was watched that nothing other than the first item came up in auction; an introduction given as to how it was a flamboyant yet potent token of affection between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, a jewel that was renowned for its history, a pearl which connected no other than Elizabeth Taylor and Napoleon Bonaparte.  This is where the reel of mystery and spiritual integrity begins…

Through this beautiful link it is clear to see that spiritual methods result in not just a haphazard number of spirit visits, identity and events.  Spirit have methodology.  Choice and decisive aim as to how a circle will progress.  This is why I thought it intriguing, not just to note such an important link, and to address this evidence but also to look and delve further into the psyche and reason.     

It is through one object, the Peregrina Pearl, that both Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton joined a historical obligation and inheritance to past times, it is also this same object that unites both Liz Taylor and Napoleon Bonaparte.  Whilst this is fascinating in itself; being evidence of why the two figures should come together in one sitting, it is also a reason to ask why this jewel was so important.  Spiritually it must have been a draw that made wearing it both a joy and historical link.  It is a piece of social being but yet moreover personally this reason for joining both figures is what causes so much mystery, because it is this one pearl which brought both Elizabeth Taylor and Napoleon Bonaparte together.    

La Peregrina; the Pilgrim or Wanderer Pearl,

Born from setting a slave to freedom, and joining history to the all lavish and fashionable Queens who wore it; the La Peregrina pearl is one of the most famous pearls in the world with a recorded history of nearly 500 years. In appearance it is large, it has a pear type look and is a white nacreous pearl.

From Napoleon to Liz Taylor read the title and tag to this account and this is just as it was shown from spirit with both Elizabeth Taylor and Napoleon standing in that circle. Members who saw both together wondered at why they were present and what the purpose was.  Now, having found out, I would like to tell you a little more about it…

The Story of “La Peregrina the Wandering Pearl”

From medieval times to modern day Hollywood

It is a truly fascinating story that begins over 550 years ago and follows this one unique gem stone from medieval times, it has been worn and appreciated by Royal Households and infamous Royal Queens, via famous historical Generals (Bonaparte) and not this fact stands by itself for it finally has an ending; its journey in modern day Hollywood with Elizabeth Taylor. This is a film, a scenario with all the Romance of a Hollywood swooning and mystical tale, it is also a reality which has been shown by spirit.

Indeed Richard Burton considered writing a history on the pearl and its owners, but unfortunately he never did. Elizabeth’s notable showing in a recent circle, has prompted me to write this.  For without these connections spirit would not be able to demonstrate physical and internal

This famous historical pearl is called La Peregrina for a reason. The Spanish translation means the “Pilgrim” or “the Wanderer” and it certainly was.

It is one history, both valid and exciting; it is also the connection spirit made that eve in circle…

The pearl was initially found by an African slave, it was on the coast of the isle of Santa Margarita in the Gulf of Panama in the mid-16th century. At the time the Spanish trained men to harvest pearls from oysters on the sea bed and to do this they would risk themselves by holding their breath. Thus the pearl, which was the size of a large egg, was found. Thankfully the person, who found this, earned the first stage of what this pearl was to exhibit.  The slave who found this, was given reward and freedom.

The King of Spain
It was initially given to Don Pedro de Temez, the administrator of the Spanish colony inPanama.  It should be mentioned, that one of the circle members of that evening, has a surname which is remarkably and astonishing in its similarity to this name.  The pearl then entered the Spanish Crown Jewels during the period of rule of King Ferdinand V (1479-1516) and his successor King Charles V (1516-1556).

La Peregrina then changed Royal families and travelled across the English Channel to England, a traditional enemy Spainat this time.
It was sent by the then King of Spain, Philip the 2nd (1527-1598) to be presented to Mary the 1st of England, also known as “Mary Tudor”.

It was actually sent as a love token in anticipation of their marriage in 1554 and there are, incredibly, several portraits of the Queen Mary actually wearing the pearl.  Most pictures do show the Queen adorned with this magnificent jewel.

After Queen Mary’s death in 1558 the pearl was returned to Spain, where it remained for over 250 years, it was favoured and cherished by all queen consorts of Spain.

As you will be shown, the pearl, was worn momentous and proud in numerous events in history.  Margaret of Austria, Queen of Spain, the wife of Philip III of Spain, wore the pearl for the celebration of the peace treaty between Spain and Englandin 1605. It was then worn by both of the wives of Philip IV (1621-1665), Queen Isabel (Elizabeth) and Queen Mariana (Maria Anna).  It could be for this reason it was felt poignant to throw up this connection in circle.

The pearl, it was of course, a piece of history, a token of love.  The Pearl continued to inspire the love lives of those who wore it and both Isabel and Philip were involved in lavish exhibits of affections. Isabel was thought to be having a liaison with her gentleman in waiting, the poet Peralta. Peralta was a writer and poet.

On Isabel’s death in 1644, the Pearl was passed to Philips second wife, Mariana of Austria. The pearl was again to play a part in social diversity.

Mariana died on 16 May 1696 at the Palace in Madrid, Spain, and at that moment a total eclipse of the moon reached its maximum and the Spanish capital was completely covered in darkness.

Here spirit events become involved… Strangely, also cloaked in darkness were details of the Pearl and with the death of the unfortunate Mariana, details of the Pearl were also lost and it wasn’t until about 1813, over a hundred years later, that the Pearl reappears in history.

The Bonaparte’s – A connection to the man with name Bonaparte who gave himself a role in circle.
The Peregrina appears back on the scene thanks to non other than Napoleon Bonaparte, and more precisely, his brother, Joseph Bonaparte.  This beyond anything answers a question as regarding spirituality and if they decide what should be included and shown in circle.

Spirit did, it seems, intently evidence Elizabeth Taylor and Napoleon Bonaparte due to their unique connection.   In 1808, Napoleon invadedSpain, crushed the Spanish and placed Joseph Bonaparte on the Spanish throne. Joseph ruled for 5 years until defeated by the Duke of Wellington in 1813 which meant he had to fleeSpain, he took with him some of the Royal Spanish jewels and the Peregrina Pearl.

After the final fall, Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815, Joseph Bonaparte emigrated from France to theUnited States where he took up permanent residence. He died in Florence in 1844 and passed the Pearl to his nephew Charles Louis Bonaparte.
However, young Charles he came into his own identity and fame.  He considered himself as the legitimate claimant to the French throne and spent the majority of his lifetime trying to transform Bonapartism into a political ideology. He led an adventurous lifestyle, bought a castle, attempted coups and eventually he arrived inParis, and began preparations to run for French presidency which he won in 1848. In 1852 after another coup he announced himself the emperor of France as Napoleon III.  Once again Napoleon as a name is intriguing, it was shown as being important to Liz Taylor, now we know why.

Before dying in 1873 he sold the Peregrina Pearl to Lord James Hamilton, the 2nd Marquess of Abercorn, who was born in Mayfair, London, on January 21, 1811. During the next few years the pearl fell out of its necklace’s setting on at least two occasions, it was not settled in possession or time. The first time, the pearl got lost in a sofa inWindsor Castle, the second time, during a ball at Buckingham Palace. On both occasions, the pearl was recovered. It remained in the Abercorn family for over a hundred years until it was placed with Sotheby’s for an auction sale in 1969.  Elizabeth Taylor, thanks to information shown regarding her personal holding, had the pearl for ten minutes whereupon it fell out of its clasp and was nearly eaten by her pet dog.  Here, information was given as to how all three, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and the auction man all searched for it only to discover the little dog choking quietly in the corner.  Having retrieved it, the jewel had suffered some abrasions and the dog embarrassed and shamed by the whole incident.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor (please note Elizabeth Taylor was shown wearing her diamond ring in circle)
Richard Burton purchased the pearl at the Sotheby’s auction in 1969 for $37,000. He gave it to his wife Elizabeth Taylor as a Valentine’s Day gift during their first marriage. At the timeBurton purchased the “La Peregrina” it was suspended as a pendant, shaped along with and to a delicate pearl linked necklace. They decided to have the necklace re-designed using the expertise of Cartier.  The end was a piece of pearl, ruby and diamond crusted magnificence.

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the Pearlin the 1969 film Ann of the Thousand days; this film showed off the pearl’s beauty.

It is well known that Richard Burton bought specific jewel items knowing its historical past, and this is certainly the case with La Peregrina, as he commented “It used to belong to the Welsh and I thought it time they got it back”.

Elizabethtook hints and cues on how she wanted the necklace set from one of the paintings of Mary, above, who was wearing it as a choker.  In the picture you can see an almost identical resemblance.  Richard Burton considered bidding on a four-hundred year old painting with the pearl adorning Queen Mary, but instead helped the National Art Collections Fund acquire it; as a pearl’s former setting can be seen in publicity shots for Elizabeth’s cameo in the 1969 film, Anne of the Thousand Days, and the new, more elaborate setting in the films Divorce His—Divorce Hers and A Little Night Music.

So what of the Pearlnow? After Elizabeth Taylor’s death in March her jewels were to be shown on a world tour and then sold at auction by Christies in December 2011.  This was the program which was shown on TV.

I think you will agree, spirit have not only evidenced, something of a link between the two Elizabeth Taylor and Napoleon Bonaparte.  There is also some finer link which shows integrity and historical value.  Spirit can evidence and highlight events through their actions.

Thank you to spiritual awareness, and to the fact they warmed and chose to divulge this information.  Pics are of Philip and Mary (seen wearing the necklace), King Philip the second of Spain, seen wearing the pearl, Mary the first of England once again wearing the pearl, Napoleon Bonaparte who was instrumental in bringing the pearl to survival and Elizabeth Taylor; to who we say thank you.

Pics are taken from online encyclopaedia.