Spirits in ancient civilizations.

 Hey guys, just a quick blog to write about a subject which I feel is important and relates to how spirit play a role in the shaping and construction of society and civilizations in the past.

This blog also draws reference from Sharlene’s spiritual message, which is also shown and featured in the latest inspiration column.  Spiritual presence and aid is not only given in circles or through mediumship but can also touch peoples’ existence in many ways.  Spirit is beautiful and transient, just in the same way, as a loved one who embraces you with their heart and warmth, spirit can also show their touch through their presence in helping to inspire you, from helping to add inspiration in a subject that you like to helping to provide that extra support.

When we look to history and the past there have been many accounts of buildings which have been built with extraordinary knowledge to the fantastic realms of the beauty which exists in landscapes and gardens.  In these cases, much questioning has been made of how these things could be possible and how they have been made.  Archaeological discoveries of tools, bones and even mazes have been found which are intricate and yet not thought possible of the era in which they were supposed to be made or had been discovered in.  Spiritual activity and art is so fantastic, because it can diversify and be something which adds to and does not detract from humanity.

Gathering the activity and accounts of spiritual greetings from our circle it can also be stated that spirituality plays an integral part in our love and kindness.