Spirit trance and physical sitting.

Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 12th March 2012.  This, unbeknown to the sitters, was going to be a circle which showed the love of spirit.  Extraordinary and insightful this sitting was about to blast notions and concepts on spiritualism out.  This circle was going to show a new depth.

The members all attended and the process of preparing the room began.  The curtains were tightly drawn and pegged.  This time, a Native American mask, which two of the sitters had brought in had also been placed on the floor.  The red light box was switched on.  The members all took their seats.  With items checked; which stood as the table, upon which was the two trumpets, crystal ball and ring.  Under the table was Native American mask and to the side on the floor was one abacus.  The opening words were read, the light switched off and with only the red glow the circle began.  The circle, was if you like, for descriptive aid split in two halves.

 The first began with the drumming, upon one of the sitters started to echo out a rythmic thudding and all members started trance.  It was not long at all before the white mist started to form.  However, this time, it was action on the table which held everyones’ attention.  As the two trumpets started to shake.  One of the trumpets became small and literally started to shrin k in shape becoming both thinner and stick like.  It was something that attracted all sitters’ attention and behind the action were two spiritual figures.  Faces of both gentlemen were seen and the shape of Maurice Barbanell and Harry Edwards became evident.  This was quickly followed by Silver Birch, the native American spirit guide for Maurice Barbanell.  This Silver Birch, whilst at first, no name was known as this came later started activity.  His position was near to the table where the objects were differing in size.  Then, upon looking at one half of the room, one of the chairs which was metal and heavy started to move forward and then back. 

All the physical taking place was capturing everyone.  Attention was held when the first spirit started to talk.  A native American with wise words.  Greeting to the circle was given; then the fact that everyone was on their own spiritual voyage.  Dictating from spirit would not be given.  It was up to the circle to embark on this spiritual destiny.  Man, it was said was wise, when he looked to expand upon his knowledge and heart.  The words followed on to advice that spirit would meet up and show the opening whereby people would exist on a level.  The spirit’s final words were to speak of the wisdom.  Great Bear also was mentioned and wished to offer thanks.

Within quick succession the temperature in the room started to ri se.  Members felt a heat upon people felt the number in the room increase.  Spirit messages started to come up alongside images of places and indication of events.

The next activity started to take shape; taps were rapped and then one of the medium’s opened their mouth and spirit started to talk.  This was a quick message from a spirit indicating the light physical.  Please look out for us and this.  The words were said and with thi s the spirit left.

The room grew darker.  There was no dip in the red light but shadows increased.  Members were left to look at one another with only blank faces.  Rounds of light seem e d to blank out parts of the room.  There was a green light which started to glow.  Around this time an energy was also felt on the floor.

Native American words filtered through to sitting.  The words were as follows; We signed a treaty with the white man, but this was full of falsehoods; the only promise made should exist with man and spirit as that is the one which shows truth.

Symbols of a tribe were seen.  Whispers with wolf first only the name then the word Navajo.  Together this helped to link the man with a tribe.  Then, on the other side of the room, one medium sat up, he said he could see symbols of the War and the trenches, there was also a rainbow which could be noticed full blown and several men.  The word san Francisco was also seen beside the same point. Young boys were also seen separately away from their tribe.  It is exceptional to note how after the circle all these pieces of information link.  The Navajo did in fact employ the technique of whispering.  Whispers with wolf was also found out to be Wolf Whisper; the man in tribe who has been given a gift of communing with wolves and as though instinctive the same animals have come to him and shown him as pack leader.

Whispers were used as a mode of code talking.  So good, in whispers, were this tribe that the US government recruited them in use during a World War.  During WW2 the Navajo boys were ripped from the tribe in order for the government to force them into boarding schools and then into a system whereby they could invent a code using their own native language.  This code, of which these young boys, made was considered to be unbreakable.  Over 400 boys, some thought to be as young as 13 were entered with false information with their age as 18 so they could be subscribed to this process.  Not only did this procedure take children away from parents, where at the time because of language, Navajo parents were only able to press a thumb print into the consent form for their boys, thus this was then treated secretly to show age and thereby the men who took these boys from their homeland lied.  This pertains to the act which was considered by the Native Americans as false.  Not just conscripting these boys, they were taken to boarding schools were their practices and customs were forbidden.  Recently a film has been made about this and this amongst few places was shot in San Francisco.  The name given by spirit with this information.

 The information which is shown here connects somewhat to the spirits who spoke in circle.  Talking of language and lies; the Navajo who named themselves were indeed put under constraint to lose their own identity through language and then evolve a new social construction with the use of whispers and code.

Images of the war were seen in circle and this went alongside the numerous native American imagery which was seen side by side.  At first this was difficult to interpret, however after research it can be written that: Between 1942 – 1945, native American men, in their early teens, were recruited into institutions where they were living with a Marine routine and devised codes in their native language to aid the United States in battling the Japanese.  Military leaders wanted an unbreakable code.  This code would be used to aid U.S. war efforts in Pacific.  No cryptograp hy system had proved effective until the Navajo Code Talkers placed their language into service.    

During the bloody battles of World War 2 the Japanese deciphered every code prior to that of the Navajo.  At time of recruitment, many young Navajo were enrolled – often against their will –  in harsh government and mission schools.  The schools would use this stripping of heritage in raising crop, herding sheep and honouring the land as a kind of derailment.  These modes of living were considered difficult.  Children would gather at night, this is when the Navajo, found places to hide and whisper secret messages, kind of like a modern day SMS, this code of Navajo was used to determine, remember and to preserve their heritage.  

It was no small irony then, that Navajo, suddenly found themsleve s hotly perused to create a code from their native tongue from the government who had originally forbidden it.  Only because they wanted to escape the harsh conditions they agreed to join the fight.

The young Navajo fought to code a language using the 26 letters of their own alphabet along with strict military words.  The military thought this would baffle the Japanese, as the language was not one spoken of widely and Navajo had not been a written language.  In the first group 29 men developed about 211 codes.  They were shipped oversea in 1942.  Consequently alteration was made to the Marine Corps Communication.

Navajo were used to send vital messages with their language; bloody battles ensued and the tribe members had to fight on the front lines.

True Whispers which was the programme made on screen, explores also the spiritual/faith of the Navajo.  The exceptional fact remains that 26,000 soldiers were killed during one of the bloodiest battles and with so many Navajo enlisted only a few code talkers were ever killed.  The tribe held ceremonies and had faith and sacred items which they believed protected them.

The ceremony which is mentioned was also seen in circle.  A fire was seen above which many men took the form of different species and collated.

The rainbow which was also seen can now be placed as it is believed that the Navajo also took on the form of rainbow people who promote peace on earth.  This is believed to be why they gave evidence in the sitt ing; and why they tried to re-balance the wrong that had been inflicted.

Statistics have confirmed that Navajo code talkers saved over 2 million lives.  This was due to the complicated code which was used well on the front lines.  Determined and valiant they returned home without medals, were not picked for battlefield promotions or allowed benefits.  Historians credit them with valour; but the state denied them the right.

The Code Talkers and the Code Top were kept secret until 1967.  However, the US military gave them acknowledgement a few years later in a ceremony in Washington D.C.

Ultimately the TV program was used to demonstrate, as was found out through this fact finding, the stories of these men, their valour, their bravery and their traditions.  The Navajo Code Talkers had a specific spiritual concept.  Their pain, experiences, and pride are all shown in serving the United States of America.

The circle were witness to this difference in the images shown.  Native American figures were seen, along with a small wolf like animal.  Man and spirit man and beast.  These words were uttered by one of the native American visitors.  Next, the message that one should not look to sky for one’s answer but look to one’s heart.

The medium who then spoke, upon opening his mouth the room once warm started to feel cool.  The spirit then spoke.  Offering a few words about learning, he said that as the first spirit stated, learning was of necessity.  Guidance could only be given when learning was done and just as in a schoolroom, all should be encountering experiences as children soaking up new knowledge.  This was important.  Ease was not always felt but it was about how people took up their journey that came in to how things would continue.   

The split was felt here.  It was almost as if with the ending of this spirit; the words finishing, a new stage began.  The temperature dropped.  It was icy, with a breeze coming from behind where the small room had once been warm.  It was as one of the medium’ s started to mention a name that the red light dropped.  A distinct darkness descended.  A number of lights flashed.  Lines of sparking colour.  Names started to come one after another and then Gene Kelly, the name was given followed by a silhouette of a man leaning on the red light.  Another member could see him dancing around a lamp post.  He was seen alongside a ballerina.  It is now after research known that Gene Kelly was a fan of Ballet and used the form to highlight techniques.  The word MGM Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was also seen.  After having half of his first contract signed over to this film company Kelly made his first film.  Kelly was sold into MGM for his first Picture, For Me and my Gal in 1942.  This date is the same as the time when the Navajo who were also part of this circle were sent out to Pacific.

Gene Kelly mentioned It’s showtime.  Whilst this, and after it was said caused a lot of physical to spark, the objects on the table rocking and the orbs flashing it also signifies after research It’s showtime which was a programme made for TV and autobiography.  This also relates to Gene Kelly. 

Ginger Rogers was seen, along with Barbara Stanwyc k.  After resarch and not known , the names were put together and there is a reason for their spirits to have been seen together for it was a birthday they shared; Saturday July 16 B arbara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers were both born on this day.  In 2011 this marked a hundred year anniversary.  Anniversary was also a word which kept being mentioned in circle.  Apart from this fact, the star also went toward one of the sitters.  Shared information was given and statements about something that was important.

Contracts were frequently mentioned in the circle.  Gene Kelly was known to be talking of his contract with MGM.  In a quote he states; The contract system atHollywoodstudios like MGM was a very efficient system in that because we were at the studio all the time we could rehearse a lot. But it also really repressed people. There were no union regulations yet, and we were all indentured servants – you can call us slaves if you want – like ballplayers before free agency. We had seven-year contracts, but every six months the studio could decide to fire you if your picture wasn’t a hit. And if you turned down a role, they cut off your salary and simply added the time to your contract.

Kids talk to me and say they want to do musicals again because they’ve studied the tapes of the old films. We didn’t have that. We thought once we had made it, even on film, it was gone except for the archives.

It is odd and stunning that both images of a ball game were seen after the contract when Gene Kelly was talking.  The ball game not only refers to the statement and allusion he made in the quote but also to a film title also seen later refering to the ball game.

Transformation of features came in and above certain members.  People could see loved one’s figures come out over members sitting, in the circle.  It was a mood which had to be felt.  Special and loving.

The actor theme continued with name Bobby Brown coming through, then the face of a famous person with the surname Jackson.  This man showed a brother who was this side, with the name of Jermaine and the fact that he was writing a book.  The connection also runs too with a link to Judy Garland who starred with both Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers, her daughter Liza Minnelli who is also tied to Jackson.  The name of Santa Fe also came up; after research as it was known during circle it can be noted that this was the homeland of the Navajo.

As the circle was brought to a close, ligh ts sparked, it was a lightening also seen in the room which lit up the circle.

The items were checked and it was here investigated, by all the members, the two objects on the table which had become a new size.   

Pics are of Wolf Whisper, of the Navajo tribe, Gene Kelly, Babara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers and Maurice Barbanell.

Pics taken from online encyclopeadia and http://www.picture-indian.com/RamirezD/Wolf-Whisper.htm