Spirit relief for children.

It is often when a child comes to an end in their lives here on this level and need to pass to spirit that we question our compass and belief in life…  The circle (Northdown trance and physical circle) will be taking and is on a short holiday.  The break will be during the Summer holidays; and as such I would like to take the chance to walk through one of the most poignantly felt topics.  When a child passes to spirit their bodies are not left behind in sorrow but it is with their souls and spirits whole, healthy and cherished that they are able to part and begin their new lives in spirit.

Spiritual release for someone’s child is the first step in their re-patriation back to spirit.  The sadness we feel so much, the grief and the pain are all earth bound and never touch the spirit.  Children’s spirits are one of the easiest to see due to their eager embracing and natural adornment to the world of spirit. 

It is often hardest for the people left behind to understand and come to an acceptance.  The letting go of someone so young and full of potential is not something that anyone ever would wish to have to go through.  The spirit passing and spiritual relief is not a part of the process which people this side can see.  The pain which comes to an end, when some children are put in dire and distressing situations, and the colourful and loving hands in which these treasured little spirits are held are ones which offer comfort and love.

Spiritual maintenance; there are spirits, people who this side of living, were fully aware and caring about children’s needs.  These are the spirit guides who help to nurture and adapt children who have quickly passed over.  The young are never abandoned, left to suffer or miss. 

Care is maintained when an incident takes children from this side and spirit fully equipped can support and help to provide the balance in restoring health, well-being and concern.  The surrounding emotions for people, this can include confusion and depression about what occurs after a child passes over.  There is no reason to be frightened, anxious or sad about the passing experience. only children can sometimes see the spirit world and this is in itself for a reason because in their first years with us as people they can still recall and openly view the home they once knew.

A child passing is simply a spiritual soul going home.

Our first homes are in spirit and so a natural consequential incident is passing and returning.  Children are never made to feel alone in the passing.  The reunion of family and friends who are already in spirit is one which would bring a joy to anyone’s heart and it is with this meeting of family that children will often see a part of their relation link that they never knew.

We mourn, but spirit rejoice and it is with this reverse in mood that children are looked after and prepared for the time when every spirit can be brought back.

It is with the horrific and tear stained recent news that such events are brought to the front of one’s attention.  The last circle to have sat did so with a part of it seemingly dedicated by spirit to child like energies who had been shown to have been hurt before their leaving this life.  It is and can be safely noted that these energies do not continue to hurt, their souls are given an instant aid and love by spiritual ones.  Spirit often know of such events, and just like shown in the circle, give advanced information about the condition and leaving of youthful presences with this type of abuse and unimaginable action.  This is done it is believed because spirit want and do portray the role they take in helping such innocent victims to become whole and vibrant once more.        

It is imperative to know as it has been explained before that we all write our own chart and blueprint of life before we arrive, for some of us it seems so short a time that we spend on this level but it is with a mind that some of these souls only come with a purpose to achieve something; albeit unconditional love for that period and instruction or lessons in life which bring about trust and love that cements lives.  These spirits passion and life brings a mark of its own and no matter how rapid their encounter with us it is always for a reason.  

Some spirits only stop by with us for teaching not learning; and it is from these spirits that we can learn the most. 

Especially for parents of young souls who we think of as having challenges to face; it is important to remember these are the most evolved souls and the one element of having had the opportunity to know them is to fill with positive pride.  Recollect the lives they had with you and not the parting which is only temporary until the natural moment will see you together once more; the life of which we all exhibit is one filled with promise and the paramount aim to learn from and to appreciate the lives of the ones we love most.