Spirit in circles.

When we sit for circle we understand that a certain level of energy is needed and applied by spirit.  Just small materialisations of fully or partially evidenced hands require spirit to put much effort behind what they do.  The focus which is put upon each action is significant.  The analysis though is just as important.  When a circle is concluded all the physical demonstration and what has been seen is looked into, information is collated and attention is given regarding what spirit had supplied.  It is then that revealing points come out and sometimes show why spirit has practically highlighted particular evidence.  It is not only in the names that spirit give that important reasons for their appearing in circle are made clear and usually spirits have a purpose as to how they interact with sitters.  It is not only astounding that spirit have full knowledge about what is to come to pass they also help to fully formulate understanding about what they represented through supplying their facial identity, or through disclosing their personal initials which can later be referenced.

 An intriguing example lies in the case of one early morning visitation from spirit who at first only showed a representation of how they looked in life.  Black mass of hair followed a framed glimpse of a face.  The male was pronounced in his features.  His image was then helped along with a name.  The name was Bob Marley.  As the man who was heard of but never seen by the medium later looked at on a computer the photograph of the man matched that of the earlier spirit who was seen.  Information regarding the same person was researched and found that the person was one born on the 6th February 1945 to 11 May 1981. 

 The individual was one who had originally been born Nesta Robert Marley and in life was a supporter of freedom.  Having endeavoured to practically highlight plights, to engage peace amongst people it was with a full heart that it seems this man lived life.  Whilst this was found out about him and is significant, there is also a connection to something which happened later that afternoon as another man who was in need of wining some money had a desire to donate it to the same place in Africa that Mr. Marley was campaigning for and not only this but it was a man who in looks was remarkably similar, had the same hair style and flair for dance and entertainment.  It was striking that the two were so alike and that both were seen by the medium on the same day.  It also resonated and brought poignantly to the mind Mr. Marley’s last words to his son which were read about and stated money can’t buy life.

The passion behind his motivation and the faith that money was not what mattered but how one used it to attain most in life became very valid.  The energy which had shown that through two connections that was possible to view life through what one did rather than materialistically what one owned seemed to have been something that in spirit the energy wanted to bring attention to and represent. 

Spirit can show their being through many instances.  In circle it is spirit’s combined knowledge and presence that enables the right evidence to be given at the right time.  It is what is taken from this, the notable connections and reasons which can significantly show why spirit want to come through.

In the case of Mr. Marley not only did he show that he was aware of the charitable intentions of the young individual who was to be seen later that day but also in spirit he conveyed the knowledge and helped to indicate that he was overseeing actions.

Recently another incident brought much wonder and thought provoking moment as a man who was energetic in life but did not talk much about the spirit world showed that through his passing astounding events can be seen.  Both Bob Marley’s visitation and that in the instance which follows demonstrates that in the year of 2013 there is much to be taken from spirit surrounding the subject of peace and its necessity in the world.

A man who believed in the logical, the tangible and the effort he put into what he did was also one who was loved and had a large family.  It was to his life that he showed much thought and time and to his dog, a Chow called Bob that a loving partnership was formed.  Sadly in his later years this man started to become ill, he battled through and tried to keep his matters as normal as he could but as he needed hospitalisation his family gathered round.  It was now that his spirit took on its role and showed beyond doubt the amount of proof which shook his family to the core.

In hospital despite his state the individual had spent his last few minutes with his family and with his sister by his side he slipped to spirit but it was now that something was to be seen that many there could not explain.  A physical which has been seen many times in circle but was in that room on a ward set to show itself.  The sister of the individual had watched her brother and with a parting which she did not want her attention had been to her grief and then suddenly as her line of sight caught on something it was a bright round of light, what is termed as an orb in circles, was seen to almost leave the bed where her brother was and to move around the room speeding its way out towards the window.

She could not speak at the time.  All she could do was to recount what had taken place to her family member on the phone later and once again activity was to show itself from this same man in spirit as when the light form was discussed the light above the oven in the kitchen where the family member was speaking started to flicker.

The above highlights two elements, one that spirit was to overtake that grief stricken time and show to the close family that healthy and happy the ball of light could now move and be free but also it helped to close the gap and give the support and intrigue which overshadowed the depression.

The loss was made somewhat easier by what was seen.  However the spirit of the man did not stop there.  Only mere hours later he was witnessed by someone to come to them and to talk of Bob who would soon be with him.  At the time the person had guessed that Bob was a friend but unknown to them at the time Bob the dog who stood so valiantly by his side passed to spirit only a short while later.

Thus the message and the vivid sights of the light entering the occasion gave an insight to spirit’s compassion and ability to help and inform of things to come when needed.             

Picture is of Bob Marley.  Pic is taken from online encyclopaedia.