Spirit and animal friends.

When remembering spirit, the essential qualities of those we love, it is far easier than many know to re-establish a shared connection with individuals.

Even in spirit those we love still want the best for us, they keep an eye on our progress and if given the time and openness to engage will reconnect with you.  Spirits do not haunt, frighten or try to give a negative view of the spirit levels.

It can be one of the most exhilarating and loving experiences to see once again the features, the expression and the faces of those we have in life spent time in understanding and loving.

In sittings the mediums are given the occasion to see briefly many spirits and feel, smell and be witness to what is possible.

There is a little exercise which has been spoken of and believed aids a visitation with spirits.  If you feel you would like to give this a few moments then please sit in an environment where you feel comfortable and first surround yourself with white light of Holy Spirit an unconditional love which falls over you.

Sitting in a calm position with eyes closed first appeal to the higher spirit or the deity to which you feel most close a connection.  See you as an individual sitting in white light and ask the higher spirit to help in giving an element of protection..

With closed eyes see yourself in a green open arena, the Spring having affected the plants and all the buds around you.  People you know, individuals who have passed to spirit will be uppermost in your mind and heart, but as you walk towards a room you will see that everywhere is clean, peace fills you as you stole towards two large doors with an arch above as you become close enough you feel your hands take to the two handles on the doors and with minimal effort you pull them open.  You see great windows which adorn with breath taking sea views, the water is an element which balances the spirit and soul and you take a seat as you walk a little further on a tall backed seat and on your right you feel people brush past you.

The seat you take is the left one.  The remaining room is designed as you wish but contains a grey open fire and has tall backed chairs.  One seat is where you reside and the one next to you empty.  As the people pass you it occurs to you to sense somewhat and gain a glimpse of where you are.  It is as you are studying this scene that someone is with you.

Try to rest yourself, keep yourself watching the oval shape room and the seat next to you.  Hard cool flooring grounds you as your legs feel weightless beneath you.  Your pains float away as you feel the cool salt air drift trough the slightly swaying curtains.  Lights are dim but show the dusk time of day and help to let your soul maintain a feel of lively energetic well being that you have rarely felt before.

You can feel the sense of being adored, of being watched.  A figure starts to move forward and out of the shadows an individual energy will make themselves visible.   The entity stands for a moment long enough to give you a feeling of who they are.  Next you look on as the shape sits beside you on the empty seat.

Do not forget that any message is important, it might not make sense to you at the time but please do not flick the intended words aside or let fear fight against what you witness or put it down to a trick of the imagination.

Spirits who pass are still the friends we once knew.  Just as with a visitor who comes to the door they might not always be the person we expect to see but they could have a message of the greatest importance or a connection to someone who would very dearly love to talk to you again.  Use the experience to understand more about the spirit world and its love which is never to be feared.

Animals are well looked after on spirit side.  The good honest trust and links they have to you are never lost or fade but transfer for the short while you are residing on two different levels and wait to be able to be visible to show their heart felt feeling for you once again.  Animals are the Guardian Angels on Earth sent to protect us whilst we live our lives out.  Once we pass the little and large friends alike will run to be the first ones to embrace us once more.  Spirit visit moments are significant and as you undergo a meeting be aware of what it means and how it can shape you.