Spectacular clairvoyant physical.

Attended the circle on 6th July 2011, it was a unique and fantastic circle to sit.  The curtains were tightly drawn and pegged, the door was firmly ensured closed and the red light was alight and sat in its box along with a small glowing candle flame.  Everyone took their seat and was sat around the central table, upon which was placed two trumpets, a toy car, a ring and a small doll which sat at a particular angle on the rim of one of the trumpets.

Underneath the table was an abacus, two larger dolls with one (with the head at an angle and facing one direction), a paper with pencil, Native American mask and a toy windmill.  The circle began with the opening words and then with one of the sitters who began the drumming.  All of the sitters went down into trance and it was a few minutes in before the first spirit spoke to the circle.  It was with a specific message; one which included words that the spirit claimed were significant to be mentioned at that particular moment and had to be directed to all sitters.  Whilst it was known that there were spirit present in terms of a guide which was known to each person it was also said that there were also guides for the circle.  It was with this announcement that it was also mentioned that there were 4 key figures which were present in the circle and specifically there to help with energy and with progress for the circle.  At this second the spirit also said that it would be indeed a step forward for the sitters to settle in and focus on the circle.

The second spirit to talk was from another medium but was also acknowledging the first spirit who spoke to the circle.  This spirit said that whilst guides were present to help and aid with spiritual matters they were also there for specific tasks and being directed to the circle was a particular teaching implement.  The spirit said that whilst time had a different meaning for spirit, they were also aware of how things such as a circle were taking place and that for the specific time frame they would help to appear within circle.

The energy within the circle seemed to change and it was soon apparent that energies had gathered in the room as messages started to filter through to the mediums.  It seemed as if clairvoyant image was coming through to purposeful means as several spirit energies showed messages which were intended for sitters in the circle.  After these clairvoyant images were shown, two sitters were also able to see abnormal lighter and darker areas in the room.

Clairvoyant images came through again with other mediums in the circle and intriguingly after spirits were seen, it was witnessed by the sitters that the little doll atop of the table and placed on the trumpet had moved.  This was taken note of and other items checked but at this point only the doll had changed its angle and sitting position; several of the mediums then went back into trance and it was at this moment that one of the sitters saw a lot of energy coming in through one particular spot in the room and behind one of the mediums.  The whole wall on that side of the room seemed to have a lighter hue and indeed one of the mediums who was sitting in front of that wall began to speak.  The spirit was of Native American decent and appeared to want to talk of the circle moving somewhere outside of civilization.  The Native American spoke of the companions he had brought through and the fact that the conditions in the circle agreed with them and there movement to the edges of the circle.  The words were given to the circle along with the ethos that we should try to move beyond logos and logic and try to simply feel with our senses.  Whilst the spirit was teaching he also stated that there would be a readdressing of the way people approached matters.  As a cool breeze seemed to flow into the room, the spirit closed with his words.

The Native American spirit left the circle with words stating he had acknowledged the new format of the circle.  A sense of energy and anticipation hovered near the edge of conscious sighting of circle.

Several sitters reported feeling cool along their arms, legs and backs; despite the fact that the actual room should have been stuffy and warm.  Even given the nature of the season and the number of people in the room there was a distinct breeze going around the room and it was particularly icy.  The windows were firmly closed but despite the heat of the room cold patches appeared on people’s hands and legs.  Taps sounded against the walls and twice the drum in the corner sounded without anyone being near it.

The next sitter to report feeling something was of a clairsentient nature and smells seemed to radiate around the room.  First an accompanying smell to go along with a clairvoyant reading and then smells which appeared to go around the circle.  The sitters saw clairvoyant animals who showed themselves near the central table and an echoing thud could be heard near the wall.

The sitters went back into trance and one of the mediums began to speak with another of the Native American energies.  This time this energy spoke of the need to meditate and just sense the experiences in circle.  Alongside this the light seemed to dip and there was a green band of light which just appeared along the top of the curtain.

The first time it occurred that the trumpets cast shadows and the base of one turned a peach colour where as it should have been green and yellow.  There was a sense of teaching which went through the circle as one of the other spirits showed clairvoyant signs of teaching and progress.  These subjects were brought up and one spirit brought out the names of a playwright and a poem.  The circle then drew quieter as the Native American spirit and wolf were seen.  Several sitters saw aspects of the native American energies from the tattooed arms to the actions of those energies.  The circle was drawn to a close and the room was checked for signs of movement.  Apart from the small doll which had moved on the table upon the floor there was also fractions of movement on one of the rows of the abacus where the small rounded shapes now had a length of space between them.