Special physical sitting.

Attended the Northdown physical and trance circle on 22nd June 2011.  Contrary to other circles this one was started in relative day light.  The red light was also added to with the addition of a small glowing candle.  The objects assembled on the floor were two dolls, the Native American mask, the abacus and the windmill.

This was an extraordinary circle.  We sat in each our own place but with the exception of two empty chairs which were left within the circle.  The lights were turned off, the curtains were fully drawn and pegged.  The door was firmly closed.  All members closed their eyes and the beginning words were read out.  The drumming started and all members went down into trance.  It took about five minutes before the leader of the circle asked if spirits would like to talk to the circle or make themselves known through physical.  It was at that point that the room started to dip in temperature, but it occurred as if on a one on, one off system.  One medium would feel the icy chill but on particular parts of their bodies as if only on their hands, backs or legs.  Then the medium sitting next to that person would feel extraordinarily hot.  There was also the mentioning of prickles or tingling sensations.  One medium then started to speak and it was with the voice of a spirit who wished to give advice on guidance.  As the medium spoke there were small cracks which sounded on the wall behind him.  However as he finished speaking a green light started to glow from the top of the curtain, this time the green light was in a clear line and also appeared to be moving or covering over the circle.

The next person to speak brought through a spirit with a female voice and a few words on how to expect a rush of activity and to please take notice of the change in atmosphere i.e. the dry skin, the cold breeze which was going to appear next to people and she was also able to take note of the mediums and the way they were sitting in their chairs.  This was going to become important as the very next person to speak was someone who prior to the spirit’s answers had complained of a dryness feeling on their skin.  It was a few moments later that the next spirit spoke through the same medium and told of a flowing of energy which was to come.  As the spirit finished speaking, people could be heard making noise and remarking on the strange once more green light which seemed to be flowing into the room from under the closed door.  The green light is worth mentioning here because it is something which many people all saw together and tried to examine.  It was like a smoke but even lighter and as it flowed inside the room everyone felt a very cold feeling particularly on their legs and more specifically up to their knees.

The energy in the room, or what can only be described as a feeling was especially happy and content.  The gathered mediums all felt a level of expectation and it was at that point that one sitter commented on the spot of bright light which was flickering on one of the empty chairs.  The medium next to that sitter then went into trance, but it was with the voice of a male and strongly was it said that the gathered mediums had 9 people in the room.  There was actually fewer members that 9 sitting in the room and the leader of the circle asked spirit is it 9 including ourselves or 9 separate energies.  To this the answer was 9 including yourselves and so it was known that we had 3 extra spirit bodies present.  The spirit then explained carefully that it was 2 spirit who sat in either chair and 1 who stood amongst the circle.  This was then made sure by two sharp wraps, one and then a little later another followed wrap from the corner of the room.  This was then confirmed by the light flickering on the chair which should have been empty and then seeming to become brighter and visible to all in the circle; one medium put her arm out into the chair and exclaimed that it was hot.  The next medium also adjacent and on the other side of the chair also put his hand onto the chair and felt a heat which could not be explained. 

 The next spirit to talk came through in a booming voice and exclaimed that there was such a wonderful amount of power which can come together when people join in the circle.

As the room grew darker and the daylight seemed to fade it was decided that the candle should be moved and put into the box surround of the red light.  The medium who did this felt that it would be appropriate and a few minutes after the candle had been placed in its new position the reflection of an image came up on the wall behind it.  The image was clear and of a hand which held palm out, this image was seen by all in the circle and later in the evening changed into a pair of clasped hands. 

Small blue lights seemed to move slowly over the top of the table which was placed in the middle of the circle and there was also movement from the two trumpets which seemed to repel away from one another, bending slowly in the opposite direction.  The medium who sat opposite this spoke and the spirit claimed that this should be viewed.

Shadows around the opposite side of the room also seemed to undergo some manipulation from spirit.  The shadow of one of the mediums growing and changing proportion until it resembled an Egyptian gentleman with a headdress.  This was noticed and then accompanied by two accurate readings for two of the sitters within circle.

There were clairvoyant pictures shown on the curtain on the facing door.  There were also small blue lights in the last moment of circle which were seen on the table top.

As the circle was drawn to a close the members lifted out of trance.  The light was turned on.  It was then that the objects were examined.  Though we sit in a trance and physical circle we do not expect there to be movement in the objects and if there is some then it is the result of lots of energy.  It was both astonishing and special that I am pleased to say that last night’s circle ended in a most fantastic way.  As we looked at the objects we were happy and shocked to see:

–         that a doll had moved on to its side entirely

–         another doll who had her arms raised in the air now had both arms down

–         the windmill was now facing in an entirely different direction

–         the Native American mask had been moved to a different angle.