Something new to follow.

As some of you guys may remember from the last blog we were given the information by spirit of the coming of the cold weather and the need for blankets and roaring fires.  Well as you can see by the images attached, this has left no doubt at how close spirit is to us, how aware and how protective.  No need to mention how evidential that is for all of us.  It is a good recollection that life does not end with death.

Well, due to the heavy snow that we had, it made it impossible for many of the members to go to circle and as such it had to be cancelled.  In place of the circle blog I would like to write here a little about spirit.  When people pass over it is not as tragic or wrenching time as people may think.  Here, I have included a little about the spirit world and what is to be expected when we start our journey over to the spirit levels.

The spirit world is a defining arena where light, colours and frequency is all heightened.  When someone passes over with sickness or an illness, it is to the place where spirit can help improve conditions, that spirit go.  First visits to the spirit side are often frequented with visions of loved ones, suffering and any illnesses are helped to be gotten rid of by spirit.  There is also a period of orientation whereby spirit is offered a time of introductory  adjustment.

People who have passed with an illness are in spirit given after care and helped to rid themselves of aftereffects.

Age, everyone in spirit can reach the age of 30.  In the cases of small babies who have passed, they are given the opportunity to grow and reach 30, in the elderly the age starts to decrease.  This is done, in order to become strong and in preparation for the busy life which includes joy, vitality and the hustle and bustle which spirit have in store.

Spiritual guides, before people visit the earth, which is a place for observation and taking up individual progressions, people chart their own life stories.  Being on earth, is in essence a school of learning.  It is with this, that people are given the spirit guides.  Spirit guides are really there to offer advice and guide us through the bumps in the roads.  Spirit guides can and usually will be chosen from people who have lived on the earth plane before.  The job of a spirit guide is to be there when we need help, but not to directly intervene or charter a new direction for us.

When we are born we have a conscious mind, as well as an unconscious mind.  Spirit mind can live in parellel with the unconscious mind we have, and it is with that we can have inspirational experiences into the past lives, and times, moments which we have had.  These experiences which help to mould us, can manifest themselves through us being able to sometimes encounter the cell memory of our pasts and be so good at something, or have a talent at something which you do not have training for or in this life have found out about.  In terms, this can be called in fused knowledge, where at times, you visit a place and feel an instant connection or love for it.  This can also happen with people.  There are at times, someone who you only meet for one occasion and yet you feel an instant draw to, also people who exhibit a gift, which is a physical impossibility and yet it is shown, also people can feel a pain or link to something which in this life there is no explanation for.

On dreaming, spirit also can feel closest to us when our unconscious mind comes through.  In the few moments while we go to sleep, and dream we can be visited by spirit, our dreams can show the spirit connection.  It is sometimes why dreams can be so real.  Dreams can also help to provide spirit link.

As you know, what is lost at time of death, is only the physical part and yet the essence, the spirit, will live on.

Rapports, when spirit come through from the spirit level to where we inhabit there can be a noise which sounds rather like a crack or bang.  One way of being sure, when you think of a loved one, that spirit comes through and has come to see you, there is a noise which can be sounded which is because of the passing through from the spirit level frequency to that of our own; this can result in a sharp loud noise, to be looked out for when you try to see and visit with loved spirit.

I hope that this little piece will help with some understanding of the levels and nature of spirit.

Pics are of snowy scenes which just as within near to our circle, the snow has shown, and spirit predicted.  Pics are taken from online sources.