Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: Spiritual man in history.

There are many defining eras which grace our lives and contribute to the foundation of overwhelming knowledge about certain topics.  Spiritualism, is one such field which has been the centre of much study and investigative account.  It was during, the first world war that many a person’s life was touched, impeded and stunted by the tainted effect of the loss of souls.  Relationships this side as a direct means came to an end from the fighting and trench based existence.

Spirit contact and research primary though it was in its early stages quickly started to form and many founding figures in both literary and domestic fields joined in the growing race to find out… if there was a plausible mode by which people this side could address the relatives who had passed over and moreover if established communication could be broached.  The subjective nature of the studies meant that objective reasoning had to be a main point of observation during experiments.

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle – (22 May 1859 to 7 – July 1930) the author of Sherlock Holmes came into his first open search to find out about spirits and energy after Louisa, his wife passed in 1906, following from that incident his son Kingsley’s death came just prior to the end of the first world war and his two brothers in law and two nephews also passed.  The sadness from these effectual losses caused Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to become disillusioned somewhat with explanations and coping techniques to help those with such losses and instead he was a seeker and saught solace in spirits and proving exceptionally and beyond doubt that the people who passed over and left this side of life did not disolve or fracture to such an extent that no part of themselves were left but actually were able to live with their inherent spirit in tact.  It was his belief that spirits of loved family and friends lived on amongst others who had passed and that the side of life where they inhabited was physically somewhere distinguishable and that through scientific and spiritual mediums proof of spirit phenomenas could be noted.  He, as a person, favoured Christian spiritual faith and was a pioneer and contributor to the  Spiritual National Union.  Having strived to give basis and factual precedence to the ideology he put a tremendous quantity of energy and backing into the notion.  Soon, it developed into a worthy cause for international discussions which led on from a series of highly thought of spirit incidents.  Paranormal association the Ghost Club which was first organised in Cambridge University, in one of the renowned colleges England is still functioning today and thrives in its aim to either prove or refute the claims of ghosts and their visitations, it was a club which was host to many investigator along with writer and imminent soldier Siegfried Sassoon.

It is important to note that the work of Sir Arthur intrigued and it was built to run through the nation’s heart.  His History of spirit and the process of an awakening into the psyche of millions was not valued solely on its historical merit but also as a stepping stone to some of the most adored papers and volumes of literary work which take its roots from his journey into finding out about spiritual truth.  His psychic Phenomena questions took him into divulging on many circles and meeting with Eusapia Palladino and Mina Margery Crandon both physical mediums who with the aid of energy from the other side brought through  the physique and appearance of loved people.  Harry Houdini was a close colleage of Sir Athur and firm friends for many years they both shared an interest in trying to find and unearth the factual elements of spiritualist theory.       

Spirit circles and independent bodies rapid in their formation, worked together, and separately in aims to find out more.  In a historical sense it should be highlighted that Sir Arthur was a rare individual, as his attempt and summary, his conceptual undertaking became a serious universal goal.  Many factual papers were written as a result of his practical findings.  The spirit base terms for many energy displays which capture well on film and photo, these also come from information obtained…orbs which are also one of the easiest and seen fractions of spirit have taken their name and were looked into in a serious form by the early understanding and awareness which was centred around this period.  

Maybe it should be considered more that Sir Arthur in those early years did enhance reasoning and cognitive thought about a sensational appealing trope of life which until then had been mostly unspoken about or misunderstood.