Shuddering movement and light phenomenon.

Attended the Northdown physical and trance circle on 13th July 2011.  This was a most fabulous sitting and one which included a hypnotic display of candle phenomenon.  As per instructions and physical circle necessity the curtains were firmly drawn and pegged, the door was closed and everyone was seated in their appropriate seats.

In the middle of the room was a table with the toy car and ring balanced on top of one of the trumpets, a small doll and a crystal ball.  Under the table was arranged the paper and chalk, two larger dolls, the Native American mask, a wind toy and a penguin.

The red light was switched on, a tiny candle was lit and placed inside the box and the circle began with opening words.  The sitters went down into trance and the atmosphere within the room took on an almost trance like state itself.  A calm and peaceful feeling settled over the room and it was with a languid and still energy that the sitters drifted into a form of meditation.

A number of mediums reported seeing numerous faces and energies including a Chinese gentleman, older wise faces of both men and women and Native American forms.  However, an experience which was shared, was many faces and formations seemed to settle into the circle but it was a while before the first spirit was able to speak.

Coming from a male medium, the spirit who spoke to circle talked of the essence of time and also that in the spirit world; spirits are also as different as the people who populate Earth, if something feels right then it should be attempted and if it feels wrong then it should not be ventured and that there are many differences which means that one suit does not fit all.  The spirit spoke of contradictions and that if someone should read something which makes sense but then something else which is written in another way and opposes this then it is not automatically wrong.

The room felt cool and warm.  Certain sitters complained of feeling icy cold and actually in this sitting the members on that side of the room shivered.  Alternatively on the other side of the room where there was also an empty chair and was the wall in front of the window the sitters were incredibly warm and actually the empty chair was felt and heat was radiating from that spot.

The second person to talk was with an open mouth and words which sounded male and husky.  The words were surrounding magic and the element of entertainment.  It was claimed by this spirit that the element of magic was to be important on that eve but not in the form in which the sitters were used to, spirit, it was indicated was not a show or a form of entertainment but in factual means a link and the circle a means for spirit to step forward into the centre and provide unity.

The circle seemed to draw deeper into a trance like state and the white mist or grainy air appeared on one side of the room.  Where this mist was it also appeared darker and more shadow filled.  The candle at this point was not moving very much nor did the light from the two sources of the candle or red light flicker.

Taps radiated around the room.  Defined knocking sounds from the ceiling where there was no floor above seemed to take on a proper and orderly fashion.  Several knocks from behind sitters came about but it was the loud echoing sound that caused the wall to shudder that made everyone jump.  Despite this, the energy was thanked and spirit forms were seen in the middle of the room.  It was an astounding experience.

A child spirit in cap and apparel which was thought not of this time came into the circle and it was after his form was seen that slight taps were made around peoples’ chairs.  Then the musical instrument of the drum made noise.

Whilst all this was happening it was difficult for some members of the circle to stay in trance but there were two who stayed in a trance state, of which one, suddenly jumped up and could not explain why but it was clearly heard that an animal like sound, like a shake of fur was heard around his side and around room.

Defined images were seen clairvoyantly and particular messages were given from these images to encapsulate accurate and most fantastic readings.  However it must be said that the readings given accompanied this sleepy, dark lit atmosphere.  It was happy and a content energy because despite this everyone felt anticipation.

A brushing, tickling sense affected one of the mediums and another three were affected by the clairsentient smell.  The smells in circle are particular.  An overriding smell will drift by.  Blue lights were seen in circle and this time balls of light with colour flashed past the middle of the circle.

Another medium spoke with words that were calm and told the circle that many spirits were present and enjoyed the atmosphere of circle.

The empty chair was monitored and a glowing light around it caused one medium to watch its progress.  The circle sense was heightened and sitters watched as the room seemed to sparkle with lights.

One medium spoke of his experiences and saw an image of Sai Baba in the circle with reincarnation pictures and four gentlemen.  The same medium then spoke and it was as this happened that the candle light seemed to glow brighter but in stages.  This was such an intriguing event as the candle light appeared as an electric light only those with dimmers attached that you can change and in this case was getting lighter and lighter; then according to a particular thing that this medium expressed the candle light and as if this wasn’t enough suddenly dipped low pitching all the sitters into darkness.  Everyone was in awe at how the candle could change.

On the dot of 9.30pm when the circle should close one of the mediums went into trance and spoke, the spirit, a male thanked everyone for their participation.  Final words accompanied his message about how the circle had been gifted with visuals and that in turn the spirits had visualised.  The medium also reported feeling cool breeze brush by face and then a sound was heard of clanking in the corner.

The circle was drawn to a close and it was then that all the objects were examined.  The movement had shown itself in the empty chair which had moved right back against the wall and the red light which had turned as if someone had rearranged it to face another member of circle.  One doll had also displayed minor movement in an arm.  The red light was also examined and the new position noted.

*I have included a special pic of the Native American mask.  This is the mask which has been used in circles.