Shamans and spirit.

Shamans and spirit in its basic primary principle are very closely tied together.  Both a Shaman and the spirituality in the faith, practical and theoretical background that it represents imply a relationship which is constructed on trust and defined in proof. 

Shamans are members of a specific mostly inherited practice where an individual can work with spirit to bring through a healing, relate to those who have passed in dreams or show phenomena which is beyond that of normal human expectation.

Shamans are the earthly mediators between the very elements which exist in our world. Spiritual leaders of the clan or communities, these powerful beings commune with the ancestors and help to provide spiritual enlightenment.

 A shaman is a medicine man or woman. Shamen are spiritual beings with the ability to heal, work with energies and ‘see’ visions either by dreams or wakeful trance. The essential characteristics of the Shaman is to help physically mend, endeavour to mediate between spirit and the people on this side of the veil or to show evidence of the paranormal.

The Shaman is a character class that is generally portrayed as able to ask spirit to manifest in aid which brings power to a healing or enhancing interaction for individual progression in finding one’s place in their ancestry or gaining a better outlook on who they are. 

A Shaman often goes into altered states of consciousness to encounter and experience parts of the spirit world interacting with spirit beings, they draw on ritual practices and can induce healing whilst interacting with benevolent energies.

Dreams, inherited knowledge and power from spirit levels are tapped into by them in order to compassionately relate to other members of a clan, those who need their advice or to heal people in a society.

Spirit guides who are present with a healer of this level but in a trance can also be seen by the people watching a healing develop.

Shamans act as mediators in the culture order.  They have multiple methods to apply in freeing a spirit from the body.  Astral projection can be defined as the mode by which they can leave the physical body during a dream state in order to find knowledge or pieces of wisdom which will be instrumental to healing or improvement. 

Siberian people believe that a water foul is the closest symbol they have to the animal emblem of free spirit.  As with Shamans the clan take the iconic treatment of the inner self to mean the body as a whole will become united and energised.  Native Americans feel it is the jaguar that is A Totem as it is an animal that walks on the dry land, can climb trees and swim in water, it is an animal of the three worlds of sky, earth and water.

Shaman individuals can work to invite spirit into lives through many different activities.  These can include Psychopomp which is a guiding of souls, giving wisdom because it pertains to future event and analysing dreams along with interpreting traits of a person.

Shamans will be the person in a cultural gathering who often leads a spirit to their rightful abode.  The spiritual presence can often be picked up and referenced by them.


The Shaman can mediate between the land of the living and those who have passed over

Spirits exist in both lives of an individual and wider society

Shamans can see visions during trance

The Shaman can evoke messages through knowing what animals represent

The shaman can scry to bring through the response needed to a problem

The main construct of the belief being that spirits, the forces which are unseen by many are valid and a force in the lives of the living.

Shamans had and have a rich source of wisdom about plants, holistic medicine and more earthly remedies.  Historically Shamans have had a place amongst many lands and faiths.  Plato actually writes on them when he states that prophecies first became apparent through and in oak, he goes on to say people were happy to listen to the oak or a stone as long as it was telling the truth.  The old and trusted cultural traditions adopted by Shamans have not only shown that there is a bond between spirit and those who seek to find out more from these entities but also that through these individuals much has been revealed on dreams, connecting with a deeper evaluation of oneself along with a profound necessity to become better involved with the land.