Scrying on Halloween.

Scrying on Halloween

First, may I let everyone know that this Monday’s circle is on holiday and next week our circle date, as the date of our meet has been altered, it will follow, that our next circle will fall upon the actual date of Halloween.  As shown this is something which is very exciting and as Halloween is the time in which the veil is thinnest between the two worlds it will be a circle which will be sure to provide an element of some activity and spook to our most wonderful of eves.  Halloween will be the most enticing and spiritual of events.  I will keep you informed of the latest news.

In this account I would like to talk to you of something which is integral to Halloween and that is the activity of scrying.

Amongst many tools which can be used and especially at Halloween is that of scrying.  This can be done most easily through the elements of water and can be implemented through a bowl with preferably clear surface and water filled in.  It is important to sit through the process with clear and decisive questions.

Scrying can be termed as seeing or peeping.  It is a practice which shows seeing through a designate medium.  Quite a few reflective translucent or luminescent substances; crystals, glass, stone and water can be used.  This form of scrying is used by many cultures and is a way of diving answers.  A smooth surface is necessary and thereby the person can sit and focus and be witnesses to the visions which follow.

The art of scrying is potent and whilst it is a practice that is implemented to help towards gaining an answer the sitter must be aware that there may be a series of reflections and images which may show.  If this is the case then please try to read through the image the answers which you require. 

Please be aware that the medium of water is one of the most oldest forms as it is a good conductor for spirit and the energy.

Good luck, light and love with your scrying.

Please do share with us here if you have any special Halloween scrying findings.