Red light circle.

 Attended the Northdown trance and physical circle on the 25th October 2012.  I am as you know a member of the spiritual circle where mediums sit and investigate both trance and physical sides of spirit proof.  It has to be a controlled environment and this is regulated by a number of items which are placed, the closed circle is set with a specific limited amount of sitters and equipment is used which is known to aid in spirit phenomenon.  One of the items is the red light.  It is a cube which houses a red light and this is the main element which is used in circle.  The colour is of a type which is easier for spirit to visualise and manipulate.  It works both as sitters this side and spirit side can see the soft shining

and is easily sensitive to the levels of intensity it can emit.  It can be linked to by spirit when messages are brought through and just as shown last night is an awesome method by which spirit can actively participate in the activity of circle.  It was last night that as the sitting went through the checking of all necessary equipment, the circle was opened with the designated words and in complete darkness the light set on its table started to jump switching the room from bright red light to shadows.  Spirit were asked to join the sitters and suddenly the room became darker.  The coolness was just slight primarily and came in the form of a gentle breeze but as the circle progressed the cool temperature increased to a cold atmosphere.  It started to become chilly and as this apparent activity took hold spirit came through to talk to circle.

A male voice spoke out on gratitude which can be expressed in a number of methods, it is gratitude he stated that heals the many needs, wants or desires that people have.  If the person attempts to offer gratitude and even in their private wishes aims to keep in mind the many positive elements then their messages do not have to always focus on the wants and can extend to giving thanks which will in turn help their lives.  It was at the end of his speech that many blue lights started to fill the room.  Blue lights or orbs as they can also be known look to be small round spheres.  The shade can differ.  Red lights were also visible to the sitting.  The room was witness to several spirit voices.  They spoke about healing, gave private information regarding situations and close ones and talked of past experiences.  The images and spirit energy built.  Charlotte russe was mentioned by spirit.  After looking for further depiction of it, the charlotte russe is known as  A charlotte is a type of sweet cake that can be served hot or cold. It can also be known as an “ice-box cake”. Bread or sponge or biscuits/cookies are used to line a mold, which is then filled with a fruit puree or custard. It can also be made with using breadcrumbs.

The sight of specified energies came into notice, one Charlotte of Prussia also known as the significant member of an eminent family was sighted.  It not being this on its own but another figure known to the nation stepped in and gave national identity to their words but were known to be the inferred founding people upon whom the Russes was m odelled.    

The circle allowed spirit to go further they showed many individuals who not only liked this food related link but were associated with its original making.  Charlotte russe is a cake invented by the French chef Marie-Antoine Carême (1784–1833), who named it in honor of his employer George IV’s only child, Princess Charlotte, and his current, the Russian employer Czar Alexander I (russe being the French given word for “Russian”). It is a cold dessert of Bavarian cream set in a mold lined with finger biscuits.  Not only did it become apparent that this food was coming into the circle because of the people in spirit who were to emerge but also it gave an intriguing prelude to what was to happen.  Next, to be seen was Alexandra Feodorovna who is known as Madame Pompadour, Charlotte of Prussia was detected and is said to have been who inspired the Charlotte russe.  She was the Empress Consort of Russia, the wife of Tsar Nicholas 1st and the mother of Tsar Alexander the 2nd.  

Her spirit was seen as a lady wearing a tall headress which as enhanced by her painting is almost an exact likeness to.  Charlotte russe could be known during the 1930s, 1940s and 50s as a popular treat served in sweet shops in New York.  Lawrence ‘Larry’ Cecil Adler who was born in February in the year of 1914 and passed in August in 2001 was someone living, working and touring New York at the height of this delicassy’s fame.  This sugary food item seemed to epitomise an era and spirit wanted to show this.  Larry Adler himself was a very skilled harmonica player.  He came in to circle with energy, musical ties and a little surprise which was to await the sitters towards the end of proceedings.  He composed with many great composers and well known figures such as Malcolm Arnold, Elton John and Sting.  In circle his spirit showed his features, height and his linking to his career and famous connections took the sitters through the reason for why this food element was showing as a vital part of the sitting and explained the passions of a period.

History is important as an aspect in circle as this clarifies the investigative approach for spirit visitation.  It states why, gives a basis for understanding and emotion.  Larry Adler showed the sitters his love for his Mouth-organ and whilst it was seen that he came in alongside the icy decorative petite fours it was found out later that he ran from his home at the age of 15 to New York where the same confectionery was being distributed in vast numbers.  As spirit was with the sitting he mentioned Beethoven as a name and this was the composition which was penned by him and related to the same classical composer which won him the Baltimore state competition.  Whilst in the sitting he talked of the name Paul.  There were two Pauls who were influential in his career and personalised friends and these were Paul Ash who first promoted him on stage and Paul Draper who was a dancer who accompanied him in a duo.

The connections and the guidance donated by spirit in circle provides the foundations for what they want to state.  It is always relevant and most intriguing as to how spirit bring through the main aim of their visit.

Madame de Pompadour was also known as “Reinette” meaning little queen.  She was born in 1721 and passed in 1764.  Interestingly her education meant that she received her schooling at Ursuline convent in Poissy where one of the sitters attended as her main academic college.  The similarity in name even though the spirit had come to speak to the circle in context of her life and notable events brought through another more intimate bond closer to the circle itself.

Jimi Hendrix was first noticed in physical form.  His hair his most noticeable feature.  In spirit he brushed past the chairs of the sitters.  He walked straight to one of the sitters and stood behind him.  This was mentioned to the person told as his energy was present and instantly the same individual stated that he had been to one of his concerts when he had visited locally.  Jimi was born James Marshall was a phenomenal presence in circle.  He had been born on November 27 1942 and passed on September 18 1970.  Stamford Bridge was the name that came with him and no one knew why.  However later pinned down was the date of 24 June 2012 whereby Hendrix hologram was used and a concert was held in his honor.  In the sitting his spirit was pleased about the link to Stamford Bridge.  Later documents show that using new 3d technology from a British firm brought jimi Hendrix back “to virtual life.’  Projecting him on to an invisible screen it was claimed that his spirit was brought to his fans.  It seems as if this statement was noticed by him.

The circle was kept engaged by many energetic and loving spirits.  The information and fragments they shared helped to convey a theme on life aspirations and goals.  The actual sitting was witness to the light distortions which came through the electric implement and from spirit’s use of tampering and lowering it.  It felt, looked and brought clairsentience to the room in the most special of means.

Pics are of charlotte russe (the culinary bakery produce), Charlotte of Prussia, Madame Pompadour Larry Adler and Jimi Hendrix.

Pics are taken from online encyclopedia.