Physical spirit.

Often when we sit for circle we do so because we want to invite physical modes of spiritualism and actively encourage spirit to take a physical part in the proceedings.  We ask spirit to show their presence, invite the children to play with toys and physically interact with members.  A trance and physical circle is in its most primary formation a sitting where mediums can establish visible, tangible and evidential proof of spirit and the movements which can be captured.

Trance and physical sittings have had a place throughout history with the first basic steps being taken by many renowned and talked about mediums.  The circles which are not but can be loosely related to séances were a vital and strong attended platform form where spirit could be formally identified, visually depicted and many more various experiments could be investigated into under strictly controlled conditions.

Spiritual messages had long been able to be conveyed through readings, wider attention was then needed to give better understanding to the form of spirit.

Spirit had limited understanding in the minds and the hearts of the public in the earlier years and other than séance based or scary ghoul ideas the true nature of spiritualism was not known about.  It is never easy in bringing about a new or revolutionary invention but the step towards holding and overseeing a proper spiritual circle was one such step and whilst currently the circles of today’s era are a little of a different experience at heart they are still connected to the stringent, serious guidelines of those primary ages.

The first circles to be really attended and discussed were fantastical and fact filled affairs.  They were at the beginning a learning experience and thereby the result was not known and as a consequence the lessons learnt caused there to be a list of essential rules and advice.  Helen Duncan, one brave and special lady was amongst the first to conduct and hold a trance and physical circle.  It was back in the 1900s and in England Mrs. H Duncan was able to help, to aid in a small sense through her spirit links by giving close and personal loving assistance from those who had passed to those on this side.  Her connective abilities to the other side was growing and even though she did as she thought was asked of her it soon became apparent that she was to have a significant place in spiritualism and that the time was coming for her to start a phenomenon that would not only embark as a fundamental necessity for many practicing physical mediums but would also give an opportunity to spirit to show the world what they could do.

Starting a physical circle at home was not without its problems, the sitters had to travel in and in Scotland at the time there was no other transport for them to use but the trams and carts which ran intermitted and sparsely during the evening hours.  It was not just the transportation element but also the fact that Mrs Duncan’s circles were to slowly play a part in history and that through her work much was to be uncovered about what spirit could exactly do, how they could interact with objects and what the link to spirit meant.

Despite the comments regarding her actions, the difficulty in setting up a circle and the of course trepidation at the precise required lengths which would be needed Helen Duncan went forward and with the help of certain spiritual personalities began to slowly put in to real visible terms the stages of setting out a trance circle.  The physical part had not made itself known to that extent nor would it until every precaution had been thought about, every or as much preparation which could be anticipated was practically positioned but generally it was taken about with the assurance from those spirit side and it was a circle born out of conviction and passion.  Actions were taken by spiritual beings to help mirror what they needed and with trust as her guide, the room was sat in by those attending and with only a few people venturing into this elementary process which would leave her at spiritual disposal the much remarked about physical forces took off.

It is important to think about trust in a physical circle because it is this element that spirit and sitters have to hold strong as it is not always a predictable or soft on the nerves practice.  Many times could see one sitting in a darkened room for many minutes and spirit could be preparing their energy with a sudden flash of an orb only inches away from a sitter or a touch or squeeze of a hand or foot might take hold.  Spirit unlike us on this side of life can anticipate much but physically demonstrate not at the drop of a hat but in more thought about or conscious patterns of activity.  That is why it is not always where you think spiritual formation might occur that it always does it might be under a chair where spirit can best use their energy or through the banging on the walls, even a full manifestation of how they were in younger appearance as it was significant to them and that is how they want to add to circle.  Spiritual energies resonate on a different level and live on a frequency which is different to that of this life and in actively staging a physical meeting one is bringing energies and spiritual individuals out of their own conditions and down to practice movement which is much harder and constrained for them. 

Circles are the place for spiritual interactivity.  Years of experience brought Helen Duncan an exceptional perspective of spirit and what they can do.  It was only through the assisting hand of Dr. Williams, beloved Albert and little Peggy who loved chocolate and ate to leave her wrappers in circles even in spirit that we began to find our feet in such an astonishing paranormal situtation.

Guiding and shaping the instruments, lines of investigation and visual result of circle it was Dr. Williams who stated that given the right materials of even a metal rod spirit could manipulate solid objects and hold them out to a sitter to put weight on.

It was upon his advice that lights were lowered because this can interfere with spiritual activity and a red light introduced to aid in the amount of occurrences.

In a physical circle another necessity is the presence of a spirit control.  Albert was a control for Helen Duncan and this spirit aids matters in a circle in terms of assisting both sides, when the medium produces ectoplasm which is a substance used by spirit to give physical definition to features and bodies then the control can monitor from spirit how the medium is coping.

Many physical circles can mean that sitters encounter differing energies and sights.  Silver Birch who was the control for Maurice Barbanell one of the most loved and intriguing spiritualist beings gave a means for Silver Birch to talk on life from a spirit’s point of view.  His phrases and factual quotes have long served to give love, strength and diverse knowledge of the spirit world.  Native Americans do come in to circles and through their life in a tribe or as an individual often are intrigued by spiritual sittings.

It is a kind of learning which is taken up from both sides, a love of the feel, taste and touch of the spirit world that draws a sitting to a successful conclusion.  It is never a frightening thing, there are times when one is made to jump out of the sheer quick pace of actions from spirit or even cry because of the hands that have come so clearly close into being.  Above all there is a sensitive balance of emotions, a feeling of discovery at every new stage and a wonder of what can be achieved.  Spiritual circles do give a chance for the physical spirit to wake, to walk in amongst members and active steps do make a sound and bring many events to the sitters.  Fundamentally at its heart it is an occasion for joy, for meeting with spirits and to show that life is still available only in a different means and through an exhilarated type of conduct.

Physical objects can be floated in the room by spirit, doors can open by themselves and members can be touched.  Many instances can prove and invite much thought and analysis.  The physical insights by spirit are not only felt in circles but can convey spirit in all domain and even at your own doorstep.  Recently a member of the family was talking on the telephone to a relative about a loved one who had passed only a week ago and as they were talking about the moment of his passing the lights above the oven in the kitchen started to flash.

There can be so many various methods of spirit who want to show their love.  It is necessary to know, admire and just suffice to remember the individuals who have a place in your affection and know that they return your sentiments.