Physical events.

Ectoplasm mist is a phenomena which is brought about whilst mediums are in trance or physical circles.


Ectoplasm itself can be most easily depicted as a mist, a tangible substance which can be seen, felt and moreover used by spirit entities to produce form and appearance.

When the physical trance circle is in action it is then spirit may feel appropriate to use this ectoplasm which is a combination of both spirit and body.  The spirit can bring through this translucent flowing means through the mouth, nose and ears of the people present.

As the ectoplasm is brought into the room its purpose can be numerous, either applied like a fluid mist which takes form to help spirit evoke the facial features of a person, it can be sensed as a wet thick heavy being, a material which then aids in helping add to the dimension and sight of orbs.

When this mist is brought into a circle by spirit it can be usually visible often white or as translucent.  The ectoplasm does form with some conviction of its own, sometimes looking thicker and forming around objects or drifting in a larger proximity over the whole room.

Ectoplasm has been a feature throughout history as a vital part of many physical circles.  Helen Duncan, Gordon Higginson among many who were fortunate enough to give the basis for much exploration into the form.

Events in a trance circle are often noted particularly well and precisely.  The spiritual energy which has gone in to aiding to give shape, or evoke material sight of objects is one that requires a lot of careful summary.  Although in the formation of ectoplasm spirit had brought about scientific means to portray what and how they best could put into practical terms a connection to those on this side.

Ectoplasm is a much stereotyped phenomena seen in films.  Usually smoke filled apparitions come into view as white cloudy people materialise.  In real terms spirit produced ectoplasm is something to behold.  It can not be said fits into any of the stereotype movie depictions but is in fact a tangible and special link to spiritual entities.  In circle if spirit see fit to evoke it the white particle substance is used to highlight loved ones and gives a better framework to utilise in establishing sight of spirit hands, fingers and helps sitters to see the spirit world.      

Personal experience.

Spirit and individuals in a sitting have to both want the link for it to become fully notable by everyone and it is somewhat this bond that truly means something as spirit will only allow individuals to feel their touch, to see some of the astonishing experiences of this nature if they want you to.  I really love to understand more about ectoplasm as it has been one of the key events in Northodown trance and physical circle.  Each sitting has seen transference of this energy in the first few seconds of circle whereupon entities wanted their forms, faces and shape visible to all there through a means of ectoplasm.

Ectoplasm can be best written about by stating exactly how it comes into contact with sitters.  When we have seen it, white veil forms have first begun to gather more and more until the top half of the room is shaded out.

The light curtain of spirit energy has then been used when we have been sitting to give dimension and clearer image of spirit faces.  The particles sometimes hovering over a medium’s head and then producing hair or blemishes which would have accurately shown up and thus with this same physical form hands float into our sitting and despite not visually bringing through the rest of the individual the hand can itself go on to touch or move items in the séance.

Spirit seem clearer as ectoplasm is applied by spirit.  A circle will feel to be smaller or larger when this element is allowed to form.  Spirit not fully outlined will become more easily seen by sitters and a lot deeper comprehension of the possibilities of energies can be achieved with this astounding cloudy spiritual materialisation.