Physical and trance circle 3rd August 2011:

 “Don’t sit alone and be sad, endeavour to embrace spirits’ touch and try to be glad.”

Hey guys, for the next two weeks the physical and trance circle will be taking a break so I am going to use this blog to write about spiritual activity and spirituality.

In this blog I would like to address the question about ailments and illness.  When someone has any form of illness, be it disability, disfigurement or sickness it can cause problems and make someone feel at a physical disadvantage.  It is important to try to overcome these difficulties and try to feel the positive angles.  People are there to help and spirit have shown that if asked then they too are keen to offer a sense of support and wisdom.  Disability is not easy but it can be turned into something which is actually empowering and a cause for brilliance.  When coping with physical illness in a loved one or indeed when someone is sick and nearing a time of passing it can be worrying on many levels, it is not a situation which is easy to deal with and there is no easy solution to grief however all too often it is a question which appears after someone who has had an illness passes and people want to know if the same conditions and physical problems still affect the spirit.  The spirit is not necessarily bound by the same physical problems which had existed in life.  Usually and during a reading the spirit shows that they are completely free from any physical illness which caused them difficulties.  Physically, sickness will take its toll and when it is time the spirit will need a rest before it can show that it is recuperated and once again becoming how he/she should be.   

Firstly may I say thanks so much to everyone who has sent in comments.  This is what this site is for and about and the experiences and personal comments that you make on this site really helps to make this shared spiritual dream come true.  So thank you.  If you have any spiritual related questions then please do email us.