Physical and trance circle 10th August 2011:

Hey guys, as you will remember, for the next two weeks the physical and trance circle will be taking a break so I am going to use this blog to write about spiritual activity and spirituality.  This is the second of these blogs and I am writing on the subject of what could be spiritually controversial.

The concept of children and psychic awareness in spirituality can be controversial.  Especially in the field of younger children and their awareness sighting and sensing spirit; spirituality can easily be mistaken for problems which cause children to be prodded and poked by medical processes.  It is not always the reason, and indeed whilst many children’s imaginary friends could and are a part of childhood experiences, there are also a percentage of children who are able to pick up on elements that adults can not.  Spirituality is a potent and special ability and it is something which should be supported and investigated.  Whilst there are many spiritual gifts and awareness, in children and young adults psychic intuition and spirituality is much easier for them to notice.  Thus, it is quite common to see that children dream vivid dreams, they play with imaginary children and often talk about sensing or seeing things that others can not.  Spiritual gifts can tickle the smallest baby in their sleep and present the most beautiful smile, to playing with the shy and timid child who suddenly becomes more happy and active.

I speak about this as someone who has had some experience in this.  As a trance and physical clairvoyant medium and having been born with clairvoyant abilities and had many experiences particularly as a child I am a lucky enough to have parents who support and considered the experiences I went through, they did not just take the happening at face value and started to explore alternative means. 

Spirituality should not just be accepted at face value, it should be investigated.  Children who present with particular problems which are not easy to explain should be supported, and whilst medical reasons should be looked into, it could also be that a child is spiritually aware.  Children are much closer to their spiritual beings and therefore seeing and sighting spiritual evidence is much easier for them to do. 

Children and young adults not only can experience spiritual matters but also can be fantastic beings that can provide a unique and wonderful part of spirituality.  The reason being that we are all spirit first and children are primarily far closer to their spiritual selves, they are not materialistic and are thereby far closer to the spirit world.  Being so close to their spirit and up until about twelve years of age it is said that children are far less conscious of the rules and strains which govern adult social being.   

It is very important for parents to be vigilant and not to actually mistake a rare gift for a condition.  If there is a child who is experiencing problems/difficulties please consider that you child could be spiritually sensing and consider that factor.  This spiritual ability in younger people is not something to be scared of but actually to be explored and bring much happiness.