Physical acts of spirit.

The Northdown trance and physical circle will be taking a break for a couple of weeks.  We have collated a numerous quantity of spirit evidence and events over the last few sessions and in this article I wish to look over and break down some of what has taken place.

Working with spirit is not always predictable.  Routinely members do not know what to expect when they sit in a trance and physical séance.  There is the help of spirit and physical presence of the members which is needed and apart from that the results are down to how and in which form spirit provide examples of their standing in the spiritual gathering.  It is necessary that when members join for a meeting of this nature spirit controls aid in the setting, inform the mediums regarding what is needed and are assistant in any overt displays of spirit.

Quite frequently the members of the sitting have been participants in watching the physical act of spirit.  Both excellent to notice and a fraction adrenalin filled these moments are when spirit and individuals really connect.

There have been noticeably items which have been made to drop, blast with noise and shake.  In full view the red light has been turned to a high setting and then as spirit enter the room the same light will flicker, switch low or completely turn off.  Chairs which should be solid, one made of metal has started to sway gently side to side.  Cold air has buffeted members as certain spirit speak and whilst this is sensed warm almost hot gusts of an unseen force have come to surround other sitters.

The light does act as a good indicator of spirit presence.  Not just the red light but the little orbs which have been so visible in the Northdown trance and physical circle are sometimes seen just as spirit are about to aid in giving information about themselves, a physical form is to take shape or a phenomena is to entrance.  It is these little spherical shapes of light which have been seen in blue, transparent or total white that have meant much discussion regarding how they have formed, the energy they have taken and moreover how they interact with members.  It is worth mentioning in this article that the orbs do sometimes appear in advance of a mist, filmy and almost the consistency of ectoplasm.  The mist will take shape over the top of those sat.  The activity is presumed to take a limited level of energy and is a chosen aim of spirit to produce.  It is something that I on a personal scale think is intriguing because when mediums are able to see the small disks of colour suddenly flash through the spirit séance it is followed up along with report of individuals feeling the sensations of being actually brushed or skin to hand contact with spirit is noticed. 

It is necessary to think about what is seen in a physical sitting.  Spiritual individuals go to great extremes to make possible what is witnessed and I am sure that what is shown by spirit is and does take passion, love and aim.